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Simple plastic models ('groschenautos') used as give-aways, made by Koch & Hofmockel Spielwarenfabrikation from Nuremberg, Germany in the 1960s (?). KoHo made models in several scales, the models listed here are in ~1/90 scale. 

Both models having plastic wheels attached to the body and models with black wheels on steel axles clipped into the body are known.  Most models have glazing, buth models without glazing are also known. There are models that have a (transparent) bottomplate, but models without bottomplate also exist.  Some models have 'D.B.G.M.' and/or a number on the body or glazing.

These are the models we've found sofar:

Ref# Model
1 Mercedes 300 SL
? Landrover
? Volkswagen Beetle
? Bentley ?
? Borgward ?
? Ford Taunus 12M
? DKW ?
? DKW coupe
? DKW convertible
? DKW Universal
? DKW transporter (high sided bed)
? DKW transporter (low sided bed)
? Tempo three-wheeler

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