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KoMo / Premo

PIC-R    Roco Minitanks

Manufacturer of military models of Russian prototypes distributed by Roco in their Minitanks line. KoMo also owns Premo, the Premo models are still sold in the green Premo boxes though.

ZIS-5 in Premo packaging

Instruction sheet

Komo-A.jpg (17010 bytes) Komo-B.jpg (25937 bytes)
Komo 1270 instruction sheet

Model listing

Ref# Model
1200  T-35 tank
1201  T-35 command tank
1202  T-35 tank with reduced turret
1203  T-28 tank
1204  T-28 command tank
1205  T-28 tank with reduced turret
1206  T-26 tank
1207  T-26 tank
1208  T-26TU tank
1209  T-26 tank
1211  BT-2 tank
1212  BT-2 tank
1213  BT-5 tank
1214  BT-7 tank
1222  T-34/76 tank
1225  T-34/85 tank
1236  ZIS-5 truck
1240  SU-85 tank
1241  SU-100 tank
1242  SU-152 tank
1250  KV-1 tank
1251  KV-2 tank
1260  BRDM-2
1261  BRDM-2 with rocket launcher
1270  ZIS-5 truck
1271  ZIS-5 truck with shelter

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