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Lee Stokes / Le Roy Toy
- Information received from Sylvain Le Stum / Andre Blaize.

PCW-U    RCB / Pro-Custom

A series of 31 different kinds of vehicles which were made of plaster and urea-formaldehyde resin, mostly reproductions of American cars from the late 1940s and early 1950s. Made by Lee Stokes Industries, a company founded by Lee Stokes in 1945 in New Oxford, PA. Most models are rather crude, the wheels are part of the carbody for instance. Apart from that they are accurate with a kind of 'cartoon' look to them. The models were sold unpainted, usually in kits of 6 that included bottles of paint and a paint brush. Some were marked on the bottom with the name 'STOKES', most were not. Apart from the models in 1/87 scale a few were made in 1/43 scale. The company closed its doors in 1955.

Some of the Le Roy / Lee Stokes may have been re-issued by RCB because the lists are remarkably alike.

List of car models:

Ref# Model Year Remarks
H-8 Tucker Torpedo Sedan  1948 4-door
H16 Ford Tudor 1949 2-door
H-22 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn


? Buick Ambulance 1948 -
? Buick Sedan  1948 4-door
? Chevrolet Fleetline Sedan 1949 -
? Chevrolet Pick-up  1950 2-door
? Chevrolet Panel Van  1950 2-door
? Chevrolet Taxi  1950 4-door, could also be 1951/52
? Chrysler Town & Country Convertible Coupe  1947 2-door, top down
? DeSoto Sedan  1947 4-door
? Ford Convertible Coupe   1949 2-door, top down
? Frazer Sedan  1947 4-door
? Hudson Sedan  1949 4-door
? Lincoln Continental Coupe  1947 2-door
? Mercury Station-wagon  1949 2-door
? Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Hardtop  1951 2-door
? Packard Convertible Coupe  1949 2-door, top down
? Plymouth DeLuxe Six Serie P15 Sedan  1947 4-door 'Taxi' found as 'Checker cab'
? Pontiac Van  1948 2-door
? Studebaker Commander Regal DeLuxe Starlight Coupe  1948 2-door
? Studebaker Commander Regal DeLuxe Sedan  1948 2-door
? Willys Jeepster Convertible Coupe   1951 2-door, top down

Questions still open:

  • They are not listed yet but we also know about a small MG convertible and several bus and truck (1930 Ford mail truck, 1940s Flxible bus, 1950 White truck, several kinds of trailers) models but we don't have any information on these yet.  (A picture showing several unpainted trucks is shown above)
  • Some models seem to have been re-issued / available during the 1980s and 1990s under the ' RCB' brand (Mercury Station-wagon, Chevrolet Fleetline, Chrysler Town and Country, Ford convertible, Frazer sedan). Who knows more ?
  • Other models, like the Packard convertible and the Tucker Torpedo could have been used as masters for the current models in the Greg's Garage range. Any information ?

Any information you may have on the open items is welcome !

H-22 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

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