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Italian manufacturer of modeltrains, founded in 1946, in Vicenza. Lima manufactured model trains in several scales up until 2003, when they went into liquidation. The assets were bought by an investor that formed a new company which also holds the Rivarossi and Arnold brandnames. 

The car and truckmodels Lima made were mainly meant to be used as complimentary items to the trains, the models we have found sofar are simple plastic models and most of them are described best as being 'around 87th scale'.

Here is what we have found sofar:

Ref# Model Version
? Fiat 131 -
? Ford Capri I -
? Mercedes 220 -
600804 Fiat 619 tanktrailer 'Shell'
600805 Fiat 619 container 'Seatrain'
600807 Fiat 619 container 'Dunlop'
? Fiat 619  open trailer
? Fiat 619 container 'ACL'
? Fiat 619 container 'Kodak'
? Fiat 619 circustrailer (cage)
? Fiat 619 circustrailer (caravan)
? Fiat 619 with two transportertrailers 
? Fiat 619 trailer with motorboat

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