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Lone Star 'Tuf-Tots'


Series of ready-made die-cast models made in the UK, the truck models are too small for 87th scale, the car models are in 1/86.

We have found the following models sofar:

Ref# Model
601 Tanker truck 'Esso'
602 Citroen DS convertible 
603 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible 
604 Dodge Dart convertible 
605 Mercedes 250SL 
606 Towtruck 
607 Dumptruck
608 Jeep with Speedboattrailer 
609 Truck with petrolpumps 
610 Dumptruck
611 Closed truck 
612 Low Loader 
613 Trailer with speedboat
614 Garbagetruck 
615 Cement mixer 
616 Delivery truck 
617 Horsetransport truck 
618 Garbagetruck 
619 Citroen DS
620 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
621 Dodge Dart
622 Mercedes 250SL 
623 Doubledecker bus 
624 Firetruck 
625 Caravan 
626 Circustruck 
627 Wheelloader

LoneStar has re-issued three Tuf-Tots models, the CitroŽn DS, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the Mercedes 250SL as 'Zippy Zoomers' (1983 - 1985). These models had a hook moulded to the back of the bottom plate and were sold together with a 'garage'. By means of a rubber band it was possible to 'shoot' the cars out of their garages.

The moulds from the original Lone Star Tuf Tots series were used by Microlink to produce a series called 'Mokes' later. 

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