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Luthart / Scale Promotions International
- Information & pictures received from Arnold Tamminga.

This well-known Dutch hobby-shop, with a big 1/87 department, has released several resin (conversion-) kits in the past and are still offering kits from their own production at the moment.

The older kits:

Ref# Model
? DAF N2800 (cab + glazing)
? DAF F2500 (cab, glazing, spoiler + decal for grille)

The current 'Scale Promotions International' kits:

Ref# Model
871001 DAF 2800 NTT (cab, resin kit) 
871002 DAF 2500 (cab, resin kit)  --> pictured above
871003 DAF F65/75 (cab, glazing + decal for grille)
871004 DAF 45 (cab, glazing) 
871005 DAF 1300 (cab, glazing) 
871006 DAF LF (cab, glazing, decals)
871101 Volvo N10 cab
871102 Volvo N12 cab
871103 Chassis cover for Volvo N
872001 DAF 55 firetruck (complete kit) 
872002 Firetruck body (of 872001) 
872008 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 'VC-2 / Verbindings- / Commando- wagen' (semi-kit, base: Herpa model) 
872009 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 'Materiaal- / Logistiek- / Reddings- wagen' (semi-kit, base: Herpa model) (picture below)
872010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter met laadklep 'Brandweer' (semi-kit, base: Herpa model)
872011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter met roldeur 'Brandweer' (semi-kit, base: Herpa model)
872012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter HLV 'Brandweer Delft' (semi-kit, base: Herpa model)
873001 DAF 750 van (1962)
873002 DAF 44 (1967)
878001 Toolset (hydraulic spreader, cutter etc.)(metal kit)
879001 Decal set 'Brandweer'
879002 Decal set for DAF 55 firetruck
879004 Decal set for DAF 45
879005 Decal set for Verbindings- / Commandowagen
879007 Decal set for HLV 'Brandweer Delft' 
879008 Decal set for DAF LF
879106 Decal set 'Politie' (for Ford Mondeo)
879109 Decal set 'Politie' (for BMW 325i)
879110 Decal set 'Politie' (for Porsche 911)
879113 Decal set 'Politie' (for Mercedes 190)
879114 Decal set 'Politie' (for Volkswagen T3)
879115 Decal set 'Politie' (for Mercedes MB100)
879116 Decal set 'Politie' (for Mercedes 207D)
879117 Decal set 'Politie Ondersteunend'' (for Mercedes 207D)
879118 Decal set 'Politie' (for BMW motorcycle)
879119 Decal set 'Politie' (for Renault 19)
879120 Decal set 'Politie' (for Renault Laguna)
879121 Decal set 'Politie' (for Volkswagen Golf Variant)
879122 Decal set 'Politie' (for Volkswagen Polo)
879123 Decal set 'Politie Zuid-Holland Zuid' (for Volkswagen T4)
879131 Decal set 'Koninklijke Marchaussee' (for Volkswagen T4)
879132 Decal set 'Koninklijke Marchaussee' (for Opel Astra)
879151 Decal set 'Politie'/'Rijkspolitie'
879261 Decal set license plates with names/brands
879291 Decal in fluorescent orange
878050 Kooi-Aap truck mounted forklift (metal kit)

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