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MAB Mobile

MDC-R   Wiking

VEB Kombinat Metallaufbereitung Halle took over modelmanufacturing from VEB Kombinat Plasticart Annaberg-Bucholz in 1984. The first models released as MAB Mobile were five die-cast military models which were re-released without changes and were produced until 1989. 


Die-cast models

Ref# Model
? PT76 amphibious tank
? Armored fighting vehicle 60 PB (pic.above)
? Armored fighting vehicle 40 P
? Armored fighting vehicle 40 PAL 
? PT with rocket

At the time manufacturing of the die-cast models was taken over MAB also received the plans for a new model in eight versions that was originally supposed to be made in injection moulded plastic. Since MAB was a metalworking company it was decided to change these plans and several of the Tatra parts that were supposed to be made in plastic at first (chassis, truckbed, canvas top) were now made in metal. Only the cab and some smaller parts were made in plastic. Since the former GDR did not have mouldmaking capacity available but did have enough foreign currency it was decided to have the mould for the cab made in, at that time, West-Germany. The order for the cab and glazing moulds went to Preussag, who, in turn, ordered the mould from Wiking. 

Tatra 815 w/load

Die-cast/plastic models

Ref# Model
? Tatra 815 3-axle truck w/load (pic.above)
? Tatra 815 3-axle truck w/ load 'NVA'
? Tatra 815 3-axle truck w/canvas top
? Tatra 815 3axle truck w/canvas top ' NVA'
? Tatra 815 TLF32 3-axle firetruck

When the models were released, they were quite a disappointment to collectors. Although the quality of the cab was excellent, the other parts looked as if they did not quite belong. The die-cast truckbed was riveted to the chassis with the rivets visible in the middle of the bed (which was camouflaged by the load of 'wood') , the model had no rear fenders, the plastic rims (which were moulded by Prefo in Dresden) had rough edges and the firetrucks blue light was not moulded in transparent blue.

After the collapse of the GDR in 1990, the production stopped and the moulds were sold to Hruska GmbH.

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