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'Collection Racing Trucks'
Information: Jan Scholten

In the 'Collection Racing Trucks', which first appeared in 2006, four models have been released sofar, all models have die-cast cabs and plastic trailers. The models are made in China and of similar quality as the models from Achimpex or Edocar (to name a few). 

The decorations on the trailer sides are stickers, the decoration on the cabs is printed on.

The following models have been released sofar:

Ref# Model Remarks
? Renault Magnum 'CitroŽn Xsara WRC' -
? Renault Magnum 'Michelin Competition' Also with MAN TGA tractor
? MAN TGA 'Peugeot 206 WRC' -
? Mercedes-Benz Actros 'Subaru Rally Team France' Pictured above
? Renault Magnum 'Trophťe Andros' 

1/87 by coincidence ?
Information & pictures: Milivoj Siradovic

French die-cast model manufacturer Majorette is ofcourse better known for their models in other scales then 1/87 but some of the models from the 200-, 300- and 600-series are close, or even spot-on 1/87 scale. 

262 - Neoplan (?) Midibus

European models / 200- and 300-series 

Ref# Model Scale
226 Roadroller ?
262 Neoplan ? midibus ?
263 Wheelloader ?
287 Bulldozer ?
310 Saviem bus 1/87
319 Laddertruck ?
322 Helicopter 1/86
373 Neoplan Jetliner (?) bus 1/87

310 - Saviem Paris city-bus

373 - Neoplan Jetliner bus

US models / 600-series

- listing to follow shortly

Packaging detail with picture of several models

Older and newer type wheels

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