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The German company Gebr. Märklin introduced their first plastic carmodels in 1953. These models were thought as accessoiries to the well-known Märklin trainsets and were relatively simple plastic models without glazing or bottomplates. At first, the models were unpainted, but the windows were painted silver later on. All models were made in one piece, except the VW, this VW transporter was made in two pieces which could each have a different colour. The models have only been in production for about a year, the only models Märklin continued to produce and use as a waggonload were the Ford Taunus 12M and the Mercedes L3500 truck. In 1966 Märklin introduced the Ford Taunus 20M to replace the 12M model, the 20M model has glazing and a bottomplate. Although most models are marked 'Märklin made in Germany', unmarked models are known to exist. 

The following models were available in this 'Thermoplastik' or '860' series:

Ref# Model


Model prod.  years Colours
860/1 Mercedes 300 1951-1954 1953-1954 light grey, green, red, beige
860/2 Porsche 356 1952-1955 1953-1954 silver grey, dark red, green
860/3 VW 1200 Beetle 1953-1957 1953-1954 light grey, dark red, green
860/4 Ford Taunus 12M 1952-1955 1953-1966 light grey, dark red, red, green, beige
860/5E VW transporter ? 1953-1954 light grey, red, dark red, beige, green
860/5M VW transporter ? 1953-1954 grey/red, beige/blue, yellow/grey, light grey/dark grey yellow/blue
860/6 DKW Meisterklasse 1953-1954 1953-1954 red, green, beige, grey
860/7 Mercedes L3500 truck 1949-1960 1953-1970 light grey, beige, dark red
860/8E Mercedes O3500 bus 1949-1954 1953-1954 light grey, dark red, dark blue
860/8M Mercedes O3500 bus 1949-1954 1953-1954 dark red/beige, blue/grey (second colour is painted on )
860/4 Ford Taunus 20M 1964-1967 1967-1977 grey, white, orange, yellow

Not only the brass masters of all models are still in the possession of Marklin, but there are three other masters of models that were planned but have never been released. These models were:

- a 2-axle open trailer for the L3500 truck
- a 2-axle trailer for the O3500 bus
- a Lanz Bulldog tractor

Mercedes-Benz L3500 trucks


After the plastic models disappeared from the Märklin catalogue, Märklin used (and still uses) carmodels from other manufacturers. In the early 1990s however, Märklin returned to carmodel manufacturing and introduced models of prototypes from the early years of motoring in die-cast and some newer models in plastic. Most of these models were released through the Märklin Händler Initiative program (MHI). 

These are the models we have found sofar:

Ref#   Model(s) Released
1883   Lokomobile steamroller with trailer 'Leonhard Weiss' 1995
1884   SAG truck 'Rahma'
SAG glass transporter truck
Benz truck 'Milchwunder'
1885 SAG-Omnibus 'Royal-Hotel'
Benz-Omnibus 'Elite-Rundfahrten
Büssing-Omnibus 'Bernburger Straßen-Motorwagen'
1886 Magirus laddertruck
SAG truck (dogcatcher)
SAG tanktruck
1887   Lokomobile steamroller with trailer 'H.Lindner Kinematograph Nürnberg' ?
1888   Benz truck 'Tölzer Aktien Brauerei'
SAG truck 'Continental'
SAG truck 'Maggi'
1889 Benz truck '4711'
Büssing truck 'Mainzer-Aktien-Bierbrauerei'
SAG truck 'Dampfwaschanstalt'
1890   Firebrigade set
SAG truck with ladder rack
SAG ambulance
Magirus laddertruck
1891 Lokomobile crane 1993
1892   Set of three Fendt tractors ?
1893 Magirus laddertruck
SAG firetruck (firehose-transport)
SAG firetruck (crew carrier)
1894 Benz truck 'Henkel Persil'
Büssing truck 'Brauerei'
Benz truck 'Bavaria'
1895 Lokomobile steamroller ?
1896 Lokomobile 'Heucke' (special series) ?
1897 Lokomobile 'Heucke' ?
1898 SAG-Omnibus 'Kaiserliche Post'
Benz truck 'Württembergische Post'
Benz truck 'Gebr. Märklin & Co.' 
(Limited edition issued to commemorate 500 years of German Post) 
1899 Benz truck (open)
Benz truck (closed)
Büssing truck (closed) - all without prints

Magirus truck

Fendt tractor

Besides these models Märklin also releases models in combination with railroad cars, we have found the models listed below sofar. All ref# are the catalogue numbers of the railroad cars. Most of these models were also released through the Märklin Händler Initiative program (MHI). 

Ref# Model Released
488 Fendt tractor  -
4329 Mercedes-Benz 'Reichspost' 1994
4432 ? truck 'August Pflügler'  1991
4504 Ford Taunus 12M -
4509 Rail-truck 'Leonhard Weiss' 1995
4515 Mercedes-Benz 3500  -
4613 Ford Taunus 12M -
4676 ? truck 'Carl Gentner Göppingen' 1995
4680 ? truck 'Bierhaus Maier Göppingen' 1994
4789 MAN truck -
4849 Airfield crashtender 'Aeroport de Geneve' 1995
4866 Kaelble Jumbo 'Deutsche Reichsbahn'  -
4870 Mercedes-Benz truck 1992
4876 SAG truck 'Bananatransport' 1995
4880 Benz truck 'Wackler's Nachf.', with load of cases and barrels 1993
4880 Benz truck 'Papier-Fabrik Salach', with load of bales 1996
4898 Circus trailer 'Circus Knie' -
26960 Mercedes-Benz Omnibus / Mercedes-Benz truck 2000
45091 SAG rail-truck with wooden cable-reel 1997
45102 ? tank-truck 2000
46141 MAN truck with load of flour sacks -
46189 Steamroller 'August Quakernack' -
46363 Lanz Bulldog (tracked)  -
46638 Tractor with trailer 'Österreichisches Nationalzirkus' -
46741 Magirus truck 1997
46751 Büssing 8000 tank-truck 'OLEX'  -
46821 Steamroller  -
46822 Kaelble truck + Lokomobile steamroller 'Deutsche Reichsbahn' (with driver figure) 1998
46823 Lanz Bulldog tractor with woodgas installation 2000
46824 Set of 2 Kaelble tractors with trailer and load  -
46826 Kaelble tractor with trailer loaded with 'Haus zu Haus' container 'DB'  -
46828 Kaelble truck + Lokomobile steamroller 'Deutsche Reichsbahn' (no driver figure) 2001
46829 Büssing double-decker bus 2003
46841 SAG truck 'Beru' -
46843 Lanz Bulldog tractor  -
48948 2 Lanz Bulldog tractors, one with mowing attachment, one with roof -
47903 Büssing 8000 tank-truck 'ARAL'  2001
47904 MAN F8 truck 2002
47905 Lanz Bulldog tractor with saw attachment 2002
48000 ? dumptruck 'Leonhard Weiss Göppingen', with load of stones 2000
48002 Mercedes-Benz with oversized Sekt-bottle 2002
48003 Büssing 8000 truck with crane 2003
48098 Mercedes-Benz 'J.Gaiser', with load of coffee sacks 1998
48099 Daimler truck 'Württembergische Landessparkasse Stuttgart' 1999
48671 Büssing 8000 truck with crane 'Feuerwehr' -
48755 Büssing RW 'Feuerwehr' -
48792 ? truck with beerbarrels 'Lederer-Bräu AG'  2003
48924 Benz truck 'Fritz Homann AG'  1998
84663 Lokomobile (in parts) -

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