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Japanese toy manufacturer Marusan was founded in 1947 by the brothers Haruyasu and Minoru Ishida together with Yasuo Arai. Originally Marusan manufactured optical toys like binoculars and telescopes, tin toys were added to their product line later. The company name was changed to Marusan Shoten in 1950 and again changed (in to Maruzan) in 1967. After a bankruptcy in 1968 a new Marusan was founded, and the production was moved to China in 1987. New tin-toys started to appear in 2001.

Besides the tin-toys already mentioned, Marusan also produced a series of slotcars and accompanying slotcar track and although marketed as 'HO-scale', the carmodels are actually bigger then that and closer to 1/64 scale. The slotcarmodels were sold in sets like the one pictured, but they were also sold seperately in small hard-plastic boxes. 

Available models found sofar:

Ref# Model
? 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
? CitroŽn DS
? 1967 Ford Mustang
? Jaguar E-type (XKE)
? Mercedes 300 SL
? Oldsmobile Starfire
? Studebaker Avanti
? Volkswagen Karmann Ghia I

The slotcars and tracks sold by Triang (Minic Motorway), Atlas (HO Motoring) and Lionel were also based on Marusan models. Marusan models are easily identified, models and boxes carry a logo, the word SAN in a circle.

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