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- also known as: Louis Marx / E.L.M. / Empire Louis Marx / Elegant Miniature Models.

Plastic models made in Hongkong.

Type Color
Aston Martin DB3 S Salmon, metallic blue
Austin Healey   Green
BMW 502 Darkblue, lightblue, black, darkgrey,darkgreen
BMW 507   Salmon, yellow
BMW Isetta Skyblue, yellow
Connaught   Blue
Cunningham Sport White/blue stripe
DKW F89 Red, brown, light brown, cream, 2 different whites, beige
DKW Junior Lightblue, white, sand
Ferrari F 500 F1 Red
HWM (?) F1   Green
Jaguar D-type Bluegreen
Jaguar XK 120 Gray, dark blue, black
Jaguar Mk.X Light green
Maserati F1   Red w/yellow stripe, red
Mercedes 180 Ivory, yellow, pale yellow-green
Mercedes 190 SL convertible Black, white
Mercedes 220 S Lightgray, light blue
Mercedes 300 SL Lightgray, red, blue, black
Mercedes W196S   White
MG A Red
MG Midget TC Red
Opel Rekord P1 Paleorange, light brown, white, brown metallic
Opel Rekord P1 Caravan Lightblue, black, red, green
Porsche 356 Green
Porsche Spyder Lightblue, beige, yellow
Renault Floride Yellow
Saab 92 Lightyellow
Triumph TR2 Salmon, green
Triumph TR3 Salmon
Vanwall F1 Green, blue-metallic
VVolkswagen 1200 Brown, red
Volkswagen 1200 convertible Brown, red, coral-red
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Red
Willys Jeep Lightgray, olive-green
Ford Country-Squire Station-Wagon  Red, cream, black

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Hardtop Sedan

Red, cream, black

At least six of the models (DKW F89, Mercedes 220, VW Beetle, Mercedes 180, BMW 501 and Porsche 356) were copies of Wiking models and were also sold as 'assortment No.6100'.  

Some of the models have also been sold in a playset, more information (other sets ?) is welcome !

Who has information about this 'glass case series' ?  Let us know !

The models were sold in various different kinds of boxes, some examples:

ELM_Mercedes190-box.jpg (12734 bytes)

Apart from the 'normal models' several have also been available with Disney figures in the drivers seat, some examples:

ELM_Aston-Mickey.jpg (25301 bytes) ELM_plutocar.jpg (20195 bytes) ELM_Jeep-Donald.jpg (22266 bytes) ELM_MercedesSL-Pluto.jpg (8110 bytes) ELM_MagicMarxie.jpg (9372 bytes)

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