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Mastica / LimoCars


Injection-moulded plastic kits of Dutch overland buses, no longer in production. The first kit appeared on the market in 1987 and several versions have been available. In 1989 Mastica released a second kit, together with LimoCars a model of a newer generation overland bus, the DAF-den Oudsten MB 230, was made. Besides this kit, the Mastica/LimoCars cooperation also resulted in the release of other busmodels like the Van Hool Acron in various liveries. Besides the busmodels, Mastica also made kits of shelters and busstop signs as well as models of containers for recycling glass and paper.

The kits released in 1987 are models of DAF engined buses with Den Oudsten bodywork, these buses have been the standard overland bus in the Netherlands from 1967 until well in the 1980s in various versions, the DAF-den Oudsten MB 230 was it's successor.

Ref# Model
? DAF-den Oudsten MB 200 DKDL 1160
? DAF-den Oudsten MB 230

Limocars-1.jpg (15724 bytes) Limocars-2.jpg (19010 bytes) Limocars-3.jpg (16305 bytes) Limocars-4.jpg (17526 bytes)
LimoCars - Den Oudsten promotionals

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