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Available at Mazda dealerships is this simple die-cast model (with pull-back action) of the 2003 Mazda 2. The model does not have a manufacturers name on it, it is just marked 'Mazda 2' and 'Made in China'. Despite the fact that the model is not as detailed as plastic models, it does have nice rims and it even has tires that have a profile.

Messageboard member Bjarte Nordvik has done the math for this model and posted his conclusions on the messageboard, but since not all of our site-visitors are members of the messageboard, we have added a part of his post here:

Model car: wheelbase ca. 28,5 mm., overall length 45,1 mm., overall width 19,2 mm., height ca. 19,8 mm.

Prototype: wheelbase 2490 mm. (1/87: 28,6 mm.), overall length 3925 mm. (1/87: 45,1 mm.), overall width 1680 mm. (1/87: 19,3 mm.), heigth 1545 mm. (1/87: 17,8 mm.).

Except for being a bit too high, this model is perfect 1/87 scale ! Some of the height difference is due to the chassis (with its pull-back function) and the wheels. One may wish to replace the wheels with some smaller, f.ex. from Herpa. The body is fitted to the chassis with a screw, so it is easy to open the car. 

Altough not comparable to high quality plastic injected models, I'm very happy to notice that we have got another very interesting modern Japanese model car in 1/87. Let's hope we will see even more current Asian 1/87 scale die-cast models like this !

*Ofcourse Mazda isn't really the manufacturer of this die-cast Mazda 2 model, but since the model does not have a manufacturers name on it we have listed it under 'Mazda'. 

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