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Mercury - Italy


Clemente & Cavero, an Italian manufacturer, produced these ready-made diecast models in the early 1960s. Most of the models are 1/90 but there is also one model, the FBW Swiss postbus that is exactly 1/87.

The following models have been available:

Ref# Model
25 FBW / Saurer coach PTT Switzerland
41A Aero saloon
41B Fiat Farina
41C Lancia Aprillia
41D ? American saloon car
41E Studebaker Champion
42A Maserati F1
42B Auto Union F1
42C Mercedes F1
43A ? Tipping truck
43B ? 'Esso' tanker
43C ? 'Agip' tanker
43D ? 'Petrolea' tanker
44A Maserati Grand Prix
44B Alfa Romeo 158 Alfetta
44C Ferrari 1500
44D Cisitalia 1100
44E Cisitalia 1500
44F SVA F1
44G Mercedes 1500
44-7 Mercedes F1 
47A ? Tarpaulin covered truck
47B ? Crane truck
47C Saurer coach  
48A Cadillac 62 sedan
48B Fiat 500C
48C Fiat 1400 saloon
48D Lancia Aurelia saloon
49A Goliath Ercole tipping semi-trailer (1/120 scale)
49B Goliath Ercole 'Shell' tanker semi-trailer (1/120 scale)
49?? Goliath Ercole 'Standard' tanker semi-trailer (1/120 scale) 
49C Goliath Ercole flat semi trailer (1/120 scale)
88A Saurer van truck 'Kehrli & Oeler'
88B Saurer van truck 'Natural Le Coultre'
88C Saurer van truck 'Welti-Furrer'
88D Saurer van truck 'Gondrand'
89A Saurer tipper truck
89B Saurer flat truck
91A Pluto tipping truck
91B Pluto cattle carrier
92-93 Goliath van
92-93A Goliath cattle carrier
94A Ciclope flat truck
94B Ciclope tipping truck
94C Ciclope flat truck + 2 ladders
94D Ciclope crane truck
95 Vulcano 3-axle trailer
95 ? Car transporter
231 Tank
232 Gun
501 Michigan 375A wheel loader  
502 Michigan 380 wheel dozer  


Michigan 310 tractor scraper  
504 Caterpillar 12 grader  (1/130 scale)
505 Euclid R40 dumptruck  
506 Caterpillar 12 grader  (larger version) 
507 Lima 2400 shovel  
508 Autocar AP40 dumptruck  
508A Autocar AP25 dumptruck  
509 Lorain Moto Crane  
510 Massey Fergusson Tractor + 3 accessories  
513 Euclid TS24 road scraper  
514 Drott tractor shovel  
514A International bulldozer  
515 Blaw Knox cement mixer  
517 Allis-Chalmer bulldozer  
518 Austin-Western roadroller  
519 Euclid C6 bulldozer  
520 Euclid L30 tractor shovel  
521 Warner & Swasey Gradall  
522 Austin Western grader  
523 Landini tractor

Mercury - USA


Also known as Lit'l Toys, later marketed as Gibbs Metal Miniatures.

In the mid 1960s, these 1/90 scale models appeared on the American market. Some of the models originate from the Italian Mercury moulds, but others were never available from the Italian Mercury. The models were also sold under the Lit'l Toys brandname and after the Lit'l Toys factory had burned down in the 1960s and the company had relocated from Plattsburgh, New York to Canton, Ohio they reappeared as Gibbs Metal Miniatures. They are easily distinguished when boxed because the Lit'l Toys boxes are yellow and black and the Gibbs boxes are gold and black. All models remained the same except for the Lima shovel which used to have an upper body part of metal which was changed to plastic.

The following models have been available:

Ref# Model
? Chevrolet truck  
? GMC truck  
? Autocar AP40 dumptruck 
? Caterpillar grader 
? Caterpillar 12 grader  
? Gradall 
? Chevrolet Schramm compressor 
? Drott bulldozer  
? Euclid TS24 scraper 
? Euclid R40 dumptruck  
? International bulldozer  
5 Hough H-120 payloader
? Lima 2400 shovel  
? Michigan 310 scraper  

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