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Midget Cars / Midget Toys
Additional pictures received from Philippe Cazzaniga


Various die-cast carmodels in 1/86 scale (Midget Cars) and truckmodels in 1/120 scale (Midget Toys), made in France. None of the models has glazing, and the car models are more difficult to find then the truckmodels nowadays.

These are the Midget Cars models we've found sofar:

Ref# Model
? Panhard Dyna berline
? VanWall Formula 1 'Circuit de Monza' (start# 1)
? VanWall Formula 1 'Circuit de Monza' (start# 2)
? VanWall Formula 1 'Circuit de Monza' (start# 3)
? Panhard Dyna convertible 
? Citroen DS19  
? Jaguar D-Type
? Vespa 400  

These are the Midget Toys models we've found sofar:

Ref# Model
? Flatbed truck
? Truck/trailer with lumber load
? COE truck/trailer with lumber load
? 3-wheel dumper
? Dumptruck
? Farmtractor
? Tractor/Open trailer
? COE tractor/trailer with transformer load
? Cranetruck
? Truck with 3-axle trailer
? Tractor/trailer with rocket

Midget Toys - tractor/open trailer in various colours

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