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These 1/87 soft plastic keychain models were distributed by Herpa in the 1990s. The models are exact copies of their Herpa counterparts and we assume the moulds for these models were either the original Herpa moulds which were shipped to China when they were no longer in use or copies of these original moulds. There are several differences in the way the models are made / detailed, they are for instance moulded in less pieces, have solid windows and lights instead of clear ones and the wheels are part of the bottom- plate and therefor non-moveable. Apart from these differences, there is a MiniCars logo and 'Made in China' on the bottom plate instead of Herpa logo and 'Made in Germany'.

Catalogue scan: (b/w only unfortunately)

MiniCars1.jpg (98372 bytes)

MiniCars2.jpg (168888 bytes)


Ref# Model
289009 Sales display
280013 BMW 535i
280020 Mercedes-Benz 300E (pic. above)
280037 Porsche 911 Turbo
280044 CitroŽn 2CV
280051 Opel Vectra
280064 Volkswagen Golf II GTI
? Opel Corsa B 3-door

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