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In 1964, UK based company Triang-Rovex started manufacturing a series of plastic cars under the MINIX name as accessoires to their trainsets. With the exception of the AEC-Strachan singledeck bus in 1/135, all vehicles were made in 1/76th (OO) scale. 

There were eleven different colours, but not all vehicles are available in all colours. The available colours were: red, orange, pale yellow, yellow, pale green, emerald green, bottle green, blue, white, black and maroon.  The first models did not have interiors, from ref# RC09 and up the models have interiors. These interiors were made in six colours: pale blue, beige, red, green, white and blue. 

All early models have metal wheels and chromed bottom plates. After 1972 the bottom plates were no longer chromed, but kept in their original white, and later grey, plastic colour. The wheels of the later models are black. Combinations of chromed bottomplates and black wheels and plain bottomplates and metal wheels are know, some of these may be originals but these can also be the result of swapping parts.

Production of the Minix models stopped in the late 1970s but the Sunbeam Alpine has been rereleased in the early 1980s. These red, green, blue and yellow models with  black windows were used in the Hornby Hobbies 'Silcock Express' cartransporter set.

Listing of MINIX models:  

Ref# Model Colours
RC01 Ford Anglia   All colours except black and maroon
RC02 Morris 1100   All colours
RC03 Vauxhall Viva  All colours except maroon
RC04 Triumph 2000 Blue
RC05 Austin A60 With or without tow hook, red, blue, emerald green, white and bottle green 
RC06 Ford Corsair With or without tow hook, black, emerald green, white and maroon
RC07 Sunbeam Alpine Most colours 
RC08 Hillman Minx Red, white, pale green and maroon 
RC09 Simca 1300 Most colours 
RC10 Hillman Imp All colours
RC11 Vauxhall Victor 101   White, pale yellow, black, dark blue, rare model 
RC12 Austin 1800 Most colours including black 
RC13 Ford Thames Van   Blue , white and red, other colours are rare
RC14 AEC Bus Most colours 
RC15 Vauxhall Cresta Pale yellow, rare model (short production run) 
RC16 Caravan Red, pale green, white, pale yellow
RC17 Rambler 770 Classic Red, orange, blue, pale yellow and bottle green, rare model (short production run) 

The models have also been available as twin packs, here is the listing:

Ref# Models / colours
RC25 Austin A60 (bottle green) and Sunbeam Alpine (white) 
RC27 Simca 1300 (red) and Triumph 2000 (blue) 
RC27 Ford Corsair (white) and Caravan (pale green) 
RC27 Ford Corsair (maroon) and Caravan (red) 
RC27 Ford Corsair (yellow) and Ford Anglia (blue)
RC27 Austin A60 (yellow) and Ford Thames Van (emerald green) 
RC36 Vauxhall Victor 101 (pale yellow) and Caravan (white) 
RC36 Vauxhall Victor 101 (black) and Caravan (pale yellow) 
RC37 Ford Corsair (red) and Ford Anglia (blue) 

Mini-World / Multiple Toymakers

Miner Industries' Ref 503 'Mini-World Utility Repair Set' included Minix models.

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