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Out of the blue

NewRay - Iveco Stralis 'Scuderia Ferrari' 
Review & pictures: Eric Kersbergen

NewRay has released models in 1/87 before but these did not turn out as good as this nice combination of a die-cast Iveco Stralis tractor and plastic trailer in Ferrari colours. There is room for improvement though..

The Iveco cab looks quite good and there are a lot of prints on it but it doesn't sit straight on the chassis. The tractor chassis itself is rather simple, there are no seperate fuel- or airtanks for instance. Details like the air deflectors on the cab front, the steps and the air intake are quite crude if you compare this model with the Rietze Iveco Stralis, but it is likely that NewRay's choice to make a die-cast cab limited their possibilities. 

A closer look at the front of the cab reveals that the sunvisor doesn't sit straight and that the red line on the bumper isn't straight either. Note the crude air intake and the translucency of the paint on the back of the cab. 

The wheels used on the trailer are the same as the ones on the drive-axle of the tractor which is not unusual on a model in this pricerange. What is unusual, and certainly not realistic, is that the trailer now has doubles on all axles. Considering the purpose of this trailer in 1/1, supersingle tires would have been better.

The rear of the trailer could have done with some details...  nothing there at the moment. Considering the number of prints on the model NewRay could at least have added something like doors and lights on the back as well. Although not visible in these pictures, the trailer (that has been moulded in red and then spraypainted) also has dust particles in it's paint. 

Note: some prints may look vague in the pictures but that is caused by the resizing of the pictures. All prints on the model are excellent.

The overall look of the model is good, and the printing is of high quality. Ofcourse it can not keep up with the Rietze Iveco Stralis when it comes to the details but it wouldn't be realistic to expect that. F1 experts will have seen that the model does not have all the logo's that the original truck has, the red and white logo and the name of a certain cigarette brand are missing, EU-regulations stipulate that these are not allowed on toys, so they weren't forgotten. All things considered, this is a very nice model in this price range. 

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