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MR Modellbau

MR Modellbau manufactures vehicle models, conversions and update sets for all kinds of old and modern military vehicles in 1/35, 1/72 and 1/87 and has added a line of accessories for 1/87 civilian rescue models in November 2006. 

Fall 2006 flyer:

MR_2006.jpg (54569 bytes)

List of models/conversion/accessory sets: 

Ref# Model Remarks
MRR-02  M1 Abrams TMMCR mine clearing rollers -
MRR-02 M1 Abrams TMMCR mine clearing rollers -
MRR-03 US M51 / M817 dumptrusk conversion for Roco model
MRR-04 Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer  out of production
MRR-05 XLWB long cargo body  conversion for Roco 5t M923 truck
MRR-06 Improvised shelters US 5t trucks   2 pieces
MRR-08 Improvised shelters for US 2 1/2t truck M35 and trailer  -
MRR-09 Kanonenjagdpanzer 90mm Bundeswehr  complete kit 
MRR-10 XM-4 Big Box command vehicle  conversion for Roco MLRS
MRR-12 M113 machine gun turrets   Vietnam era
MRR-13 M113 dozer blade  -
MRR-14 M113 Schuetzenpanzer 63/73 with 20mm turret Swiss army  conversion for Roco model 
MRR-15 M1 Abrams TWMP mine plough -
MRR-16 Tpz.1 FUCHS Bundeswehr engineer squad vehicle detail set -
MRR-17 M1 Abrams engine   AGS-1500 turbine and engine compartment
MRR-18 Load for M977 HEMTT Oshkosh 2 pieces
MRR-19 Tpz.1 Fuchs Para (Rasit) Bundeswehr detail set  -
MRR-24 Diorama Beirut    -
MRR-25 Vietnam Fire Base (1) with bunker, 21x30cm
MRR-26 Vietnam Fire Base (2) with gun emplacements, 21x30cm -
MRR-27 Raketenjagdpanzer 2 Bundeswehr tank hunter  complete kit 
MRR-28 Load for DROPS trucks 2 pieces
MRR-29 Jaguar 1 HOT tank hunter Bundeswehr  complete kit 
MRR-30 Jaguar 1A3 with thermal sight tank hunter Bundeswehr  complete kit 
MRR-31 Jaguar 2 TOW Bundeswehr  complete kit 
MRR-32 TZG-90 Beobachtungspanzer Bundeswehr  complete kit 
MRR-33 Armoured cab for MAN 5t, 7t, 10t gl.  -
MRR-34 MLRS detail set Bundeswehr  -
MRR-36 Jaguar driver training vehicle   complete kit
MRR-38 155mm Feldhaubitze 70 howitzer   complete kit
MRR-40 MLRS driver training vehicle Bundeswehr -
MRR-43 Leopard 2A6 KWS detail set  -
MRR-44 M40A1 106mm recoilless rifle    complete kit
MRR-45 Fiat 6614 APC 4x4 Italian army  complete kit 
MRR-46 Fiat 6616 scout car 4x4 Italian army   complete kit
MRR-47 Fiat 6614 APC with additional armour   complete kit
MRR-48 MTVL M113+ APC  -
MRR-49 MTVL M113+ APC with Cadillac turret  -
MRR-50 MTVL M113+ EIFV with Bradley turret  -
MRR-51 MB 250GD ambulance Bundeswehr  -
MRR-52 MB 250GD truck G.S.  complete kit 
MRR-53 MB 250GD ambulance Netherlands army -
MRR-54 S-749 shelter for 5t M923 truck -
MRR-55 M1A1/A2 Abrams detail set -
MRR-56 M1A1 Abrams USMC DWFK wading gear  -
MRR-57 M88A2 Hercules MRV complete kit TBA
MRR-58 T-158 tracks for M1A1/A2 Abrams -
MRR-59 M1 Grizzly COV   complete kit TBA
MRR-60 M577A1GE Bundeswehr   complete kit TBA
MRR-61 M577A3 US and Canadian army complete kit TBA 
MRR-62 M113 workshop/repair vehicle  TBA
MRR-63 DAF YP-408 armoured car 8x8 Netherlands army   complete kit
MRR-64 M113 series interior set  -
MRR-65 Centauro B1 armoured car 8x8 Italian army   complete kit TBA
MRR-66 Boneschi MAV-5 security car Italian army   complete kit TBA
MRR-67 VCC-1 APC Italian army TBA
MRR-68 VCC-2 APC Italian army TBA
MRR-69 VCC-1 with additional armour Italian army  TBA
MRR-70 M3 Halftrack with diesel engine Israelian army complete kit
MRR-71 Load for MAN Multi -
MRR-72 Motorboot 3 (Ribbon Bridge) full hull model
MRR-73 Motorboot 3 (Ribbon Bridge) waterline model
MRR-74 M1117 armored security vehicle US army   complete kit
MRR-75 M1 Panther mine-clearing tank US army   TBA
MRR-76 Ribbon bridge ramp section Bundeswehr  TBA
MRR-77 Ribbon bridge mid section Bundeswehr  TBA
MRR-78 Marder 1A5 detail set  -
MRR-79 M1 Abrams Panther with TMMCR Mine Roller -
MRR-80 SLT 50-2 tank transporter cab and wheel set Bundeswehr -
MRR-82 SLT 50-2 tank transporter wheel set -
MRR-83 M996A1 Hummer mini-ambulance -
MRR-84 IFF panels for US vehicles set of 12 panels
MRR-85 Tow cables and cable eyes Bundeswehr / NATO / US army -
MRR-86 M7B2 Priest update set WITHOUT engine deck conversion for Roco
MRR-87 M7B2 Priest update set WITH engine deck conversion for Roco
MRR-88 TPz.1A5A1 Fuchs command vehicle anti-aircraft -
MRR-100 30MM KuKa tower for Marder 1A5 conversion for Roco
MRR-103 M1 Wolverine AVLB on M1 Abrams  complete kit
MRR-104 Panzer 61 tank Swiss army complete kit
MRR-105 Dingo / Fennek detail set Bundeswehr  -
MRR-106 M113A1GEA3 EFT artillery command post Bundeswehr   -
MRR-107 Borgward B2000A wheel set Bundeswehr  -
MRR-108 Borgward B2000A hardtop   for radio vehicle
MRR-109 New shelter for Unimog U1300 / U3000  set with 2 shelters
MRR-110 Radio shelter with telescopic mast for Unimog U1300 / U3000  -
MRR-111 Front-mounted generator 1.9kW for Unimog U1300L  set with 4 pieces
MRR-112 Canvas top, high roof type, MAN 10to. gl  set with 2 canvas
MRR-113 Detail set flakpanzer Gepard Bundeswehr  -
MRR-114 camouflage nets, rolled, Bundeswehr  -
MRR-115 Aluminium containers, wooden crates, steel boxes Bundeswehr  -

Ford G398 SAM wheels & detail set  

for Dahlmann plastic kit
MRR-117 Puma tracked armored infantry vehicle complete kit
EM-8701 Materials containers / Firebrigade For Trident Hägglunds BV 206
EM-8702 Rescue containers For Trident Hägglunds BV 206
EM-8703 Materials containers / Firebrigade For Trident Hägglunds BV 206
EM-8704 Tank containers For Trident Hägglunds BV 206
EM-8705 French firebrigade version For Trident Hägglunds BV 206
EM-8706 Generator containers For Trident Hägglunds BV 206

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