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Editions Atlas
Review & pictures: Sylvain Le Stum

PIC-R    Norev

'L'‚ge d'or des voitures franÁaises au 1/87į'

A new series of 1/87 models by Editions Atlas appeared on the market in 2005/early 2006  and to begin with, the link between these models and Norev is obvious. Even if the 2CV's are really different from the version already available in the current Norev line, the bottomplates bear the Norev name. No wonder Norev announced a 2CV Sahara and a Renault 4 Parisienne for May or July 2006. 

The models are, of course, made in China, it's printed on the chassis of the Peugeot 404 ('Peugeot 404, 1/87, Universal Hobbies, Fabriquť en Chine'). The models are sold in sets of two in a display box, together with a fascicle about the car. Each display box contains two versions of the same car, a street version and a more specific on like the2CV Sahara or the Peugeot 404 Rally version. It's been said that these first models were a test, only sold in a few french towns, to see if such collectible series of 1/87 models would sell or not. I don't know if that's true, and if it means the series can stop after only a few models, but Editions Atlas offers a subscription to get two new models every month. Until now five models in ten versions have been announced of which four are already released; the two 2CV's and the 404's. Coming next are two CitroŽn DS's (a normal and a French Police version), and then two Renault R4's (a normal and the 'Parisienne' version). If you suscribe to the series, you get two other DS models as a welcome gift, a convertible and De Gaulle's car (sedan with large open sun roof). I don't know what the next models will be, I've seen pictures of Peugeot 203 and 403 models and some others but the models pictured were 1/43 models made by Norev. On the fascicle sold with the models, you can only find pictures of what appear to be genuine 1/87 models. 

Flyer scan:

EdAtlas-print.jpg (29615 bytes)

The following models were released (set 1 and 2) / planned (all others) for the first series:

Set Models Released Made by
? CitroŽn DS19 convertible (1961) + CitroŽn 'General De Gaulle' (1963) welcome gift Norev
1* CitroŽn 2CV (1949) + CitroŽn 2CV Sahara (1958) 04/01/06 Universal Hobbies
2* Peugeot 404 (1961) + Peugeot 404 Rallye "5" (1967) 18/01/06 Universal Hobbies
3 CitroŽn DS19 (1956) + CitroŽn DS19 Police (1958) 01/02/06 Norev
3c Renault 4 (1962) + Renault 4 'Parisienne' (1963) 01/02/06 Norev
4 Renault R5 (1972) + Renault R5 Turbo (1980) - -
5 CitroŽn Mehari (1978) + CitroŽn Mehari Azur (1983) - -
6 CitroŽn SM 1970 + CitroŽn SM Presidentielle (1972) - -
7 CitroŽn Traction 7 (1934) + CitroŽn Traction 11 legere FFI (1944) - -
8 Renault 4CV (1948) + Renault 4CV Police (1955) - -
9 Renault R8 (1962) + Renault R8 Gordini (1967) - -

* Depending on where the models were released these can either appear as a set of two in a plastic case or as a single model (always the first model of the set) in a plastic case.

However...  the series stopped suddenly, and re-surfaced after a couple of months with some changes:

Set Models Released
? CitroŽn DS19 convertible (1961) + CitroŽn DS 'General De Gaulle' (1963)  welcome gift
? Renault 4 (1962) + Renault 4 'Parisienne' (1963) welcome gift
1 CitroŽn 2CV (1949) + CitroŽn 2CV Sahara (1958) 10-2006
2 Peugeot 404 (1961) + Peugeot 404 Rallye "5" (1967) 10-2006
3 CitroŽn DS19 (1956) + CitroŽn DS19 Police (1958) 10-2006
4 Renault R8 (1962) + Renault R8 Gordini (1967) 11-2006
5 CitroŽn SM (1970) + CitroŽn SM Prťsidentielle (1972)  12-2006
6 Renault R5TL (1972) + Renault R5 Turbo (1980)  12-2006
7 Simca 1000 (1973) + Simca 1000 Rallye 2 (1973)  1-2007
8 Renault 4CV (1954) + Renault 4CV Police (1955)  1-2007
9 CitroŽn Ami 6 Break (1968) + CitroŽn Ami 6 Break Pompiers (1968)  1-2007
10 Citroen Traction Avant 7A (1934) + Citroen Traction Avant 11 LťgŤre (1944) 2-2007
11 Renault Dauphine (1956) + Renault Dauphine Police (1960)  3-2007
12 CitroŽn Mťhari (1978) + CitroŽn Mťhari Azur (1983)  4-2007
13 Alpine A110 + Alpine A110 'Rallye Monte Carlo'  (1971)  4-2007
14 Renault 12TL (1971) + Renault 12 Gordini (1971)  5-2007
15 Peugeot 205 + Peugeot 205 GTI (1984) 5-2007
16 Citroen ID 19 Break (1960) / Citroen ID 19 Break Ambulance (1960)  6-2007
17 Peugeot 604 SL (1976) + Peugeot 604 officielle (1977)  6-2007
18 Peugeot 203 Cabriolet (1952) + Peugeot 203 Cabriolet Super Luxe (1955) 7-2007
19 Panhard PL17 (1961) + Panhard PL17 'Rallye' (1961)  7-2007
20 Renault Alpine A310 + Renault Alpine A310 Gendarmerie (1977) 8-2007
21 CitroŽn 2CV AU fourgon (1951) + CitroŽn 2CV AU fourgon 'Poste' (1952) 8-2007
22 Peugeot 504 coupť (1969) + Peugeot 504 coupť 'Safari Rallye' (1978) 8-2007
23 Simca Aronde P60 (1962) + Simca P60 Etoile (1960) 9-2007
24 Peugeot 203 (1954) + Peugeot 203 Parisian taxi (1954) 10-2007
25 Facel Vega III convertible (1963) + Facel Vega II coupť  11-2007
26 CitroŽn CX (1975) + CitroŽn CX GTI (1977) 6-2008
27 Renault Juvaquatre AHG2 break (1948) + Renault Juvaquatre break Armťe (1948) 12-2007
28 Panhard Dyna Z12 (1957) + Panhard Dyna taxi G7 (1957) 2-2008
29 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet top down (1957) + Peugeot 403 Cabriolet top up (1957) 12-2007
30 CitroŽn type H 1960 + CitroŽn type H glaces Miko 1962 7-2008
31 Renault 16 (1972) + Renault 16 'Radio Monte Carlo' (1976) 6-2008
32 Matra Bagheera (1975) + Matra Bagheera Courreges (1975) 5-2008
33 CitroŽn GS X2 (1978) + CitroŽn GS Basalte (1978) 6-2008
34 Simca Ocťane (1961) + Simca Ocťane 'Butagaz' (1960) 7-2008
35 Peugeot 204 (1965) + Peugeot 204 īEssoī (1965) 7-2008
36 Renault 4 'Jogging' (1981) + Renault 4 'La Poste' (1989) 8-2008
37 Renault Estafette (1968) + Renault Estafette 'Assistance Course' (1968) 9-2008
38 Peugeot 304 (1977) + Peugeot 304 SLS 'Tour de Corse' (1973) 9-2008
39 Renault 1000KG (1953) + Renault 1000KG 'Renault Motoculture" (1956) 10-2008
40 CitroŽn U23 (1936) + CitroŽn U23 'PTT' (1946) 10-2008

41 CitroŽn ID 19 berline Orange 1968 + CitroŽn ID break Europe 1 1968
42 CitroŽn Ami 6 break tŰlťe 1968 + CitroŽn Ami 6 Service 1968
43 Renault 5 Police 1974 + Renault 5 Turbo Monte Carlo 1981 

Below you will find Sylvain's comments on several of the Norev models released in the first series !

Now, about the models. Well, I must say, rather a nice surprise sofar with some good and some bad things. On the bad side, the quality of the models is not as good as for instance Ricko's or Brekina's fabulous models. The models are more like Norev's re-released models, which, measured by today's standards, are not so good. But even at 6,50 euros each, these Editions Atlas models are of course cheaper, and that may explain the difference in quality.  The models are very classic in conception, with metallic chassis and body, clear plastic inserts for windows and chromed plastic parts, but also have rather-well-detailed interiors, rather accurate wheels with separate tyres and a lot of printed details. The line of the bodies is certainly not perfect but it is not inaccurate either. In fact, in terms of accuracy, quality and aspect, it makes me think of the Classis Metal Works models if you know what I mean. Dimensions and proportions are not bad, but the models are a little too small (Comparison notes further below in this review). 

The more interesting models are certainly the two 2CV's. Even if they have something to do with Norev's already available version, I can't tell if they share any parts. First surprise, the two models are totally different and seem to share the doors only ! Too bad that's perhaps not the best part of the model. But on the other hand, many details are accurate; as on the real cars, a small front bumper for the 1949 2CV, a larger one for the 1958 version, a canvas covering the boot of 1949, a small rear window for the 1949 and a larger one for the 1958, different front grilles and bonnets, etc. Ofcourse, the body of the 2CV Sahara is modified like the real car (shorter rear wings, modified hood and boot). Strange detail, the two cars have different chassis. Good point: the wheels, not as nice as Brekina's, but not bad. Should have been of a much lighter grey, but not bad in design. Very good point, the interiors: at last there is a 2CV in our scale with these soooo specific CitroŽn seats. Bad point: the varnished grey used the canvas roof. Hey, guys, what were you thinking of, that's not metal !

As for the Peugeot 404, after Brekina's wonderful 404, this new one is certainly less interesting. The overall shape is not so bad, but after having seen Brekina's model it looks, how can I say, too heavy, too flat. I don't have any old Norev's 404 at hand, so I can not tell if it has something to do with it. Anyway, it's much better looking in real life then in pictures. And it's certainly appealing, with its many details (as many printed details as the Brekina model) and its chromed and rather accurately designed wheels which look a tad large. A mistake, I think, is the chromed part around the front lights, which is too large, and the front grille, which is too small. Surprisingly, the model has a rearview mirror inside. The Rally version is very nicely decorated (it's a model of the car used by H. Lionnet and Ph. Hechle for the East African Rally in 1967), and it even has 3 additional lights on the front and one more on the door.

Model dimensions:

  2CV in 1/87 model 404 in 1/87 model
Lenght 43,5 mm 44,5 mm 50,8 mm 51,0 mm
Width 17,0 mm 16,5 mm 18,6 mm 18,5 mm
Height 18,3 mm 17,0 mm 16,6 mm 15,5 mm

I have decided to subscribe to the series, so I hope to have more models to describe very soon. So far, I've only seen pictures of the next models, and they look interesting too. The DS seems perhaps not long enough, but with more chromed parts than the Busch. I can't wait to see the Parisienne. It should have an open roof too. And it seems that these Renault will have accurate looking wheels too. If the pictures do not show 1/43 models that isÖ  Now that's all I can say about these new Atlas' models, they're not perfect and certainly not up to today's standards, but certainly interesting. Let's hope the series will contain some good surprises and not only new versions of Norev's older models. And let's hope it will be a success, and that it will make more french cars fans interested in our scale.

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