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Links to 87th scale Clubs & Organizations

Links to the websites of HO / 87th scale vehicle clubs and organizations.

Club / Link Comments
HO-modelautoclub Nederland Dutch HO only club
1/87 vehicle club American HO only club
Verein für Schwerlastmodelle Heavy haulage and crane models in 87th scale
Autho87 French HO only site
HO scale buses   Yahoo club on HO scale buses
British-HO   Site with lots of information about British 1/87 models.
F-track   Modular layout specifications for Faller Car System

Links to picture pages and photo-albums with 1/87 scale models

Sylvain Le Stum
Theo Gijsbers  

Links to other 87th scale modelers pages

Page / Link


Max-Model / Max Marchi 

Models of firetrucks and ambulances from Italy
Wiking standards project / Hansjörg Baumann  Wiking only, with very nice pictures.
Mo87 / Michael Scheel  News and information.
Wiking Modelle   Wiking, wiking, wiking...  with lots of pictures too !  
1zu87.com / Thomas Sommer   Thousands (!) of pictures of 87th scale models.
Albert Prats -
Arnold Tamminga DAF trucks in 1/87.
Interstate 87 / Ray Kippig News and information.
Yumeko  Lists, lists, lists !
Hadel.Net / Frank Hadel -
Feuerwehr Thalburg / Harald Karutz  The imaginary firedepartment of a fictitious city.
Minix Page / George Wells Minix models.
THW Modellist / THW Germany 'THW' vehicles. 
Playcraft Railways / Dave Coxon Playcraft Trailways train and carmodels.
Joueftrains.com / Dave Coxon  Section on Jouef carmodels.
Red-Cross Modelcars / Dieter Kachel  Red Cross vehicles in 1/87.
Ho-modellautos / Godwin T. Petermann  Definately worth a visit for HO-scale addicts.
Trucs & Trucks / Fokko Feenstra  Scratchbuilt models in 1/87.
Gary's Minix page  Minix models.
Polizeiautos.de   German police vehicles.
Wikingmania / Michael Broer  Wiking models of the 1960s and 1970s. 
h0-fan here / Sebastian Ruge  Modern Rietze and Wiking models.
Longhenry-Hof / Thomas Langheinrich  Large gallery and info-site. 
Wiking & Busch Modellautos / Gregor Gerlach  Wiking and Busch models.
Michaels US trucks / Michael Horbelt  Models of US trucks.
Malte-Goetsch.de / Malte Göttsch  DLRG and Schwarz- bau models.
Truck87 / Kurt Hofmeyer  Pictures of truckmodels / conversions
Kabemo / Kai Becker  Personal site with nice models and dioramas.
Haube Auf / Andreas Kaluzny Personal site with pictures of models. 
Miniworlds / Uli Slovig  Pictures of models and dioramas
Andreas Schulze Modellbau   Personal site with pictures of models. 
Tuf-Tots.com / Björn Larsen  Lone Star Tuf-Tots models.
taxi-410.de / Wolfgang Verbeek   Taxi models...
Statepolice / Matthias Slovig  US State policecars.
Zeggi-Modellbau / Mauro Zechetto  Pictures of models and dioramas.
LKW modellbau / Markus Schaube  Trucks & truckmodels.
Blackbaracuda / Alexander Wujan Pictures of trucks and models.

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