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Model vs Prototype #1

Miber CitroŽn BX 16 TRS

The model is of usual Miber quality, moulded in one color with sufficient engraving. The bumpers are separate parts with a striking mould flaw: a piece of the left end of the front bumper is always missing. The roof is susceptible to damage on it's outer edges.

Model Ref # Material Colours Prod.-time Price Value Rarity Accessories Box
Citroen BX 16 TRS 1091 PIC-R red, beige 1989 - 1995 Ä 2.30 Ä 4 - 6 ++ none C02

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The Citroen BX was first presented in September 1982 in Paris. Although showing the typical Citroen silhouette, it is easy to underestimate the BX's capabilities at the first glance. An excellent cw of 0,34 and the light construction - besides some technical novelties - positioned it well against established competitors. Despite it's bad reputation as an unreliant car it became one of the most popular Citroens and was build for over a decade before it was replaced by the new Xantia.

Prototype Prod.-time Engine Performance Price - 1994 Units made
Citroen BX 16 TRS 1982 - 93 4 cylinder, 1600 cc, 94 hp 176 kp/h  Ä 11,800 2,500,000

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