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Cargo ?  Make your own !

If you are a fan of 87th scale trucks it is most likely that you are familiar with products made by companies like Heico Modell and LadegŁter Bauer. (In case you are not, both companies manufacture high quality truckloads in 1/87). 

The major part of the products these companies make is meant to be used in conjunction with heavy haulage trucks and there are not that many other (smaller) items available. If you do not want to keep the major part of your 87th scale truckfleet just standing around empty....  here are some suggestions to build your own cargo.

Pictured above is a load of plastic tubes which would look good on a flatbed. It is very easy to make, all you need are 20 straws, (balsa-)wood and some tape.

Next up is a pallet with a 'machine' under a tarp. Again, relatively easy to make. The 'machine' is a winch that was meant to be used on a shipmodel, the pallet is made of wood and the tarp is a piece of paper towel which was soaked in a white-glue and water mixture and painted afterwards. The decals (click the pictures for a better view) are leftovers from a Preiser kit.

Old electrical appliances are a great source of parts that can be used as well. Pictured above is a part from an old radio which is now supposed to be something like a transformer. Again, easy to make, all you need are a couple of pieces of (balsa-)wood and some tape. The decals are from various sources. (Click the pictures for a better look)

Another pallet, this time it's a brass winch that was originally meant to be used on a shipmodel. All that is needed here is (balsa-)wood and a small piece of a plastic shopping bag that is used for the cover. (Pictures can be clicked for a better view)

I hear you thinking... 'and what is this supposed to be ?'. Well, they are rolls of paper, this is how the paper your newspaper is printed on gets delivered to the printers. Easily made from a cardboard tube, both ends closed with an additional piece of cardboard and then painted. The 'SCA' logo's came from a magazine.(These pictures can be clicked for a better view as well)

In case the 'cargo' described above isn't big enough for your trucks..... you can also make the bigger pieces yourself. The two wooden cases pictured above are scratchbuilt from wood and veneer and the 'tank' on the right is made from the plastic container that is used inside the 'kindersurprise' chocolate eggs. The frame around the container is made from wood.

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