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Exhausts made from aluminium foil / tip from Skunk found on the 87thScale messageboard

Cut out a piece of plain kitchen aluminium foil, 1 x 3 mm for instance. Wrap it tightly around metal wire, lengthwise. If there is leftover aluminium, cut it off with a very sharp knife. This should form a perfect little tube around the wire. (This may take a couple of tries, but foil is cheap and this doesn't take much time anyhow). When the foil is satisfactorily shaped, give it a layer of clearcoat. Be careful to paint only on the aluminium, and not on the wire. When the clearcoat has dried, carefully slide the aluminium off of the wire. Voila ! You have a perfect exhaust ! You can make it as thick or as long as you want. If one doesn't slide the finished exhaust off the wire entirely, it is possible to bend the wire any which way. 

Some examples:

027_jeep_exhaust-1.JPG (11907 bytes) 027_Jeep_exhaust-2.JPG (23935 bytes) 018_Ferrari225S.JPG (26858 bytes) Mini_exhaust.JPG (23880 bytes)

Exhausts made from solder wire / tip from Eric

Here is another method to make exhausts, use 1 mm solder wire with a resin core for car exhausts and 2 mm wire for truck exhausts. The resin core of the solder wire can be drilled out with 0,7 / 1,5 mm drills (by hand, this is not really something to use a Dremel for) which leaves a metal 'pipe' that looks like the real thing. The advantage of the solder wire is that you only need to drill out 2-3 mm to make it look good and that you can bend the remaining piece of wire anyway you want !

Some examples:

MM_Avia21-exhaust-1.jpg (24465 bytes)

SDV_Praga-exhaust-1.jpg (36023 bytes)

SDV_Praga-exhaust-2.jpg (30454 bytes)

Busch_MercedesC-1.jpg (19253 bytes)

Miber_FordEscortXR-2.jpg (22815 bytes)

Exhausts made from aluminium tubing / tip from Eric

For straight exhausts (stacks on trucks for instance) you can use 2mm aluminium tube.


DAF95-exhaust-1.jpg (25884 bytes) DAF95-exhausts.jpg (28155 bytes) Magnuson-exhaust.jpg (11300 bytes)

Exhausts made from aluminium tubing / addition from Chester Fesmire:

I have used the aluminium tubing used by R/C aiplane fuel supply lines for exhaust stacks on trucks. By trimming the end off a ball point pen filler tube (less ink and throw the pen away) and slipping that over the alumimium tubing it makes a great muffler. By sliding a thin wire inside the tubing it can be bent to the configuration needed.

Exhausts made from paper / tip found on the Mo87 messageboard

A quick and easy way to make exhausts. Take a sheet of paper, cut out a piece of circa 10 x 10 mm. Paint one side of the paper black, the opposite side silver and leave to dry. When dry, apply glue to the black side of the paper and roll the paper to a tube with the black part inside and the silver outside. Oval shaped exhausts are also possible, it just takes some practice. 

Other possibilities

- Hypodermic needles / syringes
- Plastic tubing