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A Hot Rod from Stuttgart - By Albert Prats

I was a little bored with my Mercedes Benz Typ Stuttgart Cabrio by Roskopf, so I decided to transform it into a Hot Rod.

The first step was to change the colour of the body, I chose a dark violet because it is an unusual colour which is hardly ever seen on other cars. I painted the body and the mudguards in the same colour, where the original had a beige body and brown mudguards. After painting, I chopped the windscreen and the 'canvas' top to give the model a more sporty look. For the windscreen I used a cutter, I marked a line with this tool and passed the cutter over it until the transparent part was cut. By doing it this way you avoid that the glazing splitters or cracks. The 'canvas' top was cut with a small saw and painted in a green/blue colour. Both body and top were spraypainted. 

I believe one of things that greatly added to giving the model its custom appearance are the wheels. The rear wheels are, both rims and tyres, from a Chevrolet SUV by Trident. The front wheels have the same rims but have Herpa tyres with a smaller diameter. 

Last but not least I painted the small details like the radiator and the lights and ofcourse I immatriculated it to be ready to run on one of my dioramas.

Click the thumbnails for additional pictures !

Albert-Roskopf-mb custom-front.JPG (36707 bytes)

Albert-Roskopf-mb custom-side.JPG (40892 bytes) Albert-Roskopf-mb custom-rear.JPG (37311 bytes)

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