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Models and diorama built by Ken Ensign

Ken Ensign sent us these pictures and the accompanying story.....

Truck drivers use a slang we call "ratchet jawin", this diorama is fitted with a little bit of ratchet jawin to go...ten four.
Ken Ensign

Triple J Roadside Cafe

Its been a long hard rainy day on the road and I can be home in another two and a half hours but my stomach says its time to eat and my bladder says its time to leak.

"Breaker one nine any body gotta line on the local
choke and puke, come back.." 

"Whats your twenty and direction there driver?"

"Headed south outta Smalltown on the states route 40
just past the Union 76.."

"ahhh that's a ten four on the choke and puke, give
that Triple J roadside café a whirl, about another
mile and a half on the right, guaranteed to get your
truckers portion there, come on..."

"Ya say that's the truckers main spoon in these parts
huh driver,,,"

"That's affirmative there big rigger, open 24 hours
and the refills on the java keep comin" 

"Sounds like that'll work appreciate it friend gotta
drain the vein while I'm at it if you know what I

"Ten four to that, the restrooms are decent and the
waitresses won't break your eyeballs none neither"

"Sounds good I'll give er a try and thanks for the
info there buddy, and I'll catch you on the flip

"any time. you have a good one and keep it between the

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