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One would assume that the primary goal of a seller/shipper is to pack an item in such a way that breakable items arrive....... unbroken. As you can imagine shipping your models in a padded envelope will not do the trick ! 

I can't say how many times I have received a model that was not properly packed, and since we have received several pictures of items that were bought by collectors that have arrived damaged (some beyond repair) we thought it would be useful to publish some 'guidelines' on packaging. 

All pictures show the result of the use of unsuitable packing that was not able to protect it's contents during shipping. 

Some tips on packaging:

  • Pick the right size box - Select a box with enough room for the item plus padding to fit securely. 
  • Use padding - To properly cushion the contents of your package.
  • Wrap each item seperately - Fragile articles need to be protected from each other.
  • Use enough cushioning material - To stop contents from moving when the box is shaken.

There are various materials that can be used for cushioning and protection:

  • Air-encapsulated plastic ('bubble-wrap')
  • Expanded polystyrene ('peanuts')
  • Paper (crumpled newspaper for instance)

Some other things, that are not directly related to packaging, but may help to ensure fast and efficient delivery:

  • Include the receiver's postal code with the complete street address. 
  • For international shipments, add the recipient's telephone number if available.
  • Remove old address labels or markings from a used box.
  • Always include your complete return address, including full street address and postal code. 

Packing the items you ship in such a way that they survive shipping will save you trouble afterwards, you can imagine what kind of e-mail the buyer will send you when he sees the item he bought arrive like the ones pictured on this page. Try to picture what your package will go through in shipping and it will be clear to you that packaging is important, after all, if your buyer is disappointed it is more then likely that his disappointment will be reflected in the feedback given or spread by word of mouth !

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