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Showcase #2


'The Old Town' - built by Albert Prats


Old Town 1.JPG (37051 bytes) Old Town 2.JPG (35885 bytes) Old Town 3.JPG (39278 bytes)
Old Town 4.JPG (28176 bytes) Old Town 5.JPG (42462 bytes) Old Town 7.JPG (39256 bytes)

Additional information:

A 2,00 x 0,50 m three-level diorama with an underground parking and streets in two different levels. An extra level between the streetlevel and the parkinglevel has been added to hide the electric installation. The castle you see on the photographs is issued by Vollmer, the walls and towers have been painted to get a realistic effect. The rest of the buildings on the diorama are by Faller and Pola and have also been retouched. The same has been done with the walls between the levels of the diorama. There are two types of pavement, they are both paving stone (Busch and Faller) and are used to create that 'old town' atmosphere.  All the structures are made with a special cardboard. This cardboard is easy to cut with normal cutters and is strong enough to carry the weight of the buildings. The whole diorama is iluminated with Aneste and Versmann street lights. The parking lot was mainly built because it is not only a good place to show the models but it also protects them from dust.

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