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What's new ?

Since there is no fixed schedule of updates, this page has been added to provide an overview of the updated items.
Small updates and additions aren't always mentioned though, check back regularly !  

Date What's new...
15-12-2008 Added Mastercast page, DS-Design page, 'Audi' page, Bandai page, Remco page, updated Widea page, Norev page and Woodland Scenics page.
4-12-2008 Added Reinhard Thomas Modellbau page, Masterpiece page, Dahlmann page, MAC Distribution page, Mähler Werbemittel page, JES-Models page and Models11 page.
24-11-2008 Added Fröwis page, updated Weico Models page, Roskopf page, Maag page, Azul Models page, Umex page, Oestmodell page, Minitanks page and Metal87 page (mostly catalogue scans).
9-11-2008 Added Vollmer page, updated AHI page, Comando page, Pulga page, EKO Specials page and, EKO page.
11-10-2008 Added Norscot page, Shinsei page, 4MFOR page and Comando page, updated CCM page.
09-09-2008 Added MH Modelle page, Micron Art page, M&M Miniatures page, Modellproduktion page, TWH collectibles page, Sword Precision Models page, Sunkus page, OHS Models page, NZG page, First Gear page, CCM page and Showcase #32, updated andrepa page, Glico page, MEG page, and Pulga page.
19-8-2008 Added l'Aiguilleur page, Dupliform page, Agritec page, American Prototype Hobbies page, Dreamdock page, Masterbilt page, Bauer page, Luss Bert page and Markus Herr page, updated JMK page, 87RPM page, AHM page, Jouef page, DJH page and Bastian page.
16-6-2008 Added Realmodel page, Dapol page, Collection Signature page, Charbens page and updated Minitanks page.
28-4-2008 Added 'Bare-Metal Foil' to Tips & Tricks page, added Dart Castings page and Automoviles page, updated EKO page.
4-4-2008 Added 'Subtle Changes' to Tips & Tricks page, added Britains page and MPC page.
15-3-2008 Added Drummer page, Deoma Micromodels page, Kawai page, N3C page and TeknoBygg page, completely updated the manufacturers list, added pictures to Ken Ensign's page.
26-2-2008 Added Scalecast Models page, 87RPM page, Satori Models page, updated Artapo page.
13-2-2008 Updated Luthart/SPI page.
12-2-2008 Added Kaval page, Newgard page, updated Sylvan Scale Models page.
3-2-2008 Updated Parker Models page.
8-1-2008 Added Model Traction Supply Company page, Campbell Scale Models page.
24-12-2007 Added Evergreen Hill Design page and Athabasca Scale Models page.
17-12-2007 Added Welly page, Model Supercargo Mini page, Micarola page and MEG page, updated Ricko page.
1-2008 Reached the 1.000.000 unique visitors mark
1-1-2007 87thScale.info - five years on the internet !
9-2006 Reached the 500.000 unique visitors mark.
18-12-2005 Changed hosting company
31-10-2005 Changed visitor counter at 210268 visitors to get rid of unwanted pop-up advertising
4-2004 Reached the 100.000 visitors mark.


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19-10-2001 Testversion online.