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Case #5

Originally, these scaled down Wiking copies were hidded in the Ferrero 'kindersurprise' chocolate eggs but every now and then they turn up as kits. We know that these kits were / are made in Hongkong and that they were sold in Japan but who knows more about the manufacturer of these little kits ?  Other information, like information about other kits, is also very welcome !  

Compared to the original (Wiking) models:

We have found two other kits in the meantime, one, the Volkswagen 1500, is a Wiking copy, but the other one is definately not. Pictured here is the McLaren M8A model and it's box. 

The Volkwagen 1500 had a nice surprise hidden inside...  on the inside of the bottomplate we found this 'Cosmo' logo (picture further below). Could this be the manufacturer ?  Your information is still welcome !

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