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PIC-K       Vault case #5 / FurutaHerpa

The 'Ferrero' models, made for the Austrian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero, and hidden inside the well-known 'Kindersurprise' chocolate eggs, are actually made by various manufacturers. Most of the times it is not even known who the actual manufacturer of the models is, so we decided to list them under 'Ferrero' because that is how most people will know the models anyway. That being said, most of the models aren't even real 87th scale cars.....

There were several series of models (or toys, whatever you want to call them), one of the most (in)famous being the series of copied Wiking models. Apart from this series of copies, there were several series of cars for which Ferrero had their own models developed. 

Wiking copies:

In the early 1980s, Ferrero decided that the next series of give-aways hidden in their chocolate eggs would be little toy cars. Besides using their own newly developed models, Ferrero also used copies of Wiking models, scaled down to approximately 1/120 so they would fit inside the chocolate eggs. It is not clear where these copied models originate from, although the forklift (which is a copy of Wiking model 1170) has 'made in Hongkong' on it.   

Ref# Model Known colours Wiking #
? Jeep green 10
? Jaguar E-type red 22
? VW Beetle convertible white / yellow / orange 33
? VW 181 (the thing) green 40
? VW Passat orange 48
? Landrover green with grey top 100
? VW Variant polizei green 104
? Audi 100 redbrown 120
? NSU Ro 80 redbrown 128
? Mercedes 350SL grey 140
? Mercedes 250SL  yellow 142
? Mercedes 200 taxi yellow 149
? Mercedes 450SE green 151
? Mercedes 280SE convertible white / yellow / orange 153
? Porsche 911 red 160
? Porsche Carrera white 163
? CitroŽn DS red 190
? Mercedes C111 orange 230
? Mercedes Unimog 406 green 370
? Mercedes Unimog 411 off-white 371
? MB Trac 700 off-white 385
? Mercedes 200 ambulance red 706
? Roadroller orange 650
? 'Autoschutter' orange 657
? Platform cars yellow 1160
? Forklift yellow 1170
? BMW 328 white 828
? Mercedes 260D darkblue 832
? Mercedes 540K red 835

During the time the copied models were available, which was only for about six months, the following models were also available. These were originals, no Wiking copies.

Ref# Model Known colours
? London Bus red
? Ferrari F1 white / red / orange
? McLaren F1 white / red / orange
? Porsche F1 white / red / orange
? Benz 1911 'Blitzen-Benz' silver / red
? Benz 1923 'Targa Florio' silver / red
? Mercedes Unimog red

As mentioned above, the models have only been available for about six months, so if you're thinking of starting to collect these, please take in to account that there are not that many models around.....   (Only every seventh egg had a Wiking copy !)

Models 'compatible' to 1/87 scale:
Alfa-Romeo Ricotto streamline (1/102 scale, pic. below)
CitroŽn DS Taxi
Mercedes 220 Taxi (pic. below)
Austin FX4 London Taxi (pic. below)
Checker Taxi (pic. below)
Porsche 935 (pic. below)
Ferrari F40 (pic. below)
Landrover 110
1953 Buick Skylark convertible
1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertible
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible coupe
1957 Continental Mk.II 2-door coupe
1956 Chevrolet Corvette convertible
1958 Edsel Pacer convertible
1956 Ford Thunderbird hardtop
1956 Chrysler Imperial 4-door sedan
1956 Packard Executive 4-door sedan
1953 Studebaker Commander Regal Starliner coupe hardtop

As examples of other models made for Ferrero we have pictured a couple of them:

Ferrero_Porsche-1.jpg (32974 bytes)

Ferrero_MercedesTaxi.jpg (38102 bytes)

Ferrero_LondonTaxi.jpg (13713 bytes)

Ferrero_Checker.jpg (12585 bytes) Ferrero_FerrariF40.jpg (38831 bytes)

Porsche 935

Mercedes 220 Austin FX4 Checker Cab Ferrari F40

Castagna bodied Alfa-Romeo built for Count Ricotto in 1914 

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