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PIC-R    Anguplas / EKO 

Concentra (a Mexican supermarket chain) models are actually Anguplas models made in Mexico from the originals moulds. They were produced in the 1970s but nobody knows exactly which models were made. Later on the moulds went back to EKO in Spain. Identifying Concentra models will be difficult, their bottomplate shows 'Made in Spain', just like the Anguplas models.

The main difference between the Spanish models and the Mexican ones are their colours. Among the Concentra models were for instance rare items like the Mercedes Benz W196 in red, the Karmann Ghia in metallic green and the Volkswagen Beetle in white. Apart from that, some of the Mexican models appear to have different wheels then the Spanish ones. The Chausson bus can be identified, if it is in good order there is a 'Concentra' sticker (red lettering) on the rear of the model.

These are the models we have found sofar:

Ref# Model
41/92 Studebaker Golden Hawk
? Mercedes W196
? Volkswagen Beetle
? Volkswagen Karmann Ghia I
? Ebro beverage truck 'Jarritos' 
? Chausson bus
? Doubledeck bus (Anguplas 82) 'Coca-Cola' 
? Ford Taunus 17M
? Jaguar D-type
? Renault 'Etoile Filante'
? Seat 600 Multipla
? Ebro truck
? Barreiros TT.90.22
? DKW II-E combi
? Landrover 'Fire Rescue'
? Ford Falcon
? Studebaker Lark
? Borgward Isabella
? Rover 3L
? Jeep FC
? Ford Consul
? Ford Edsel sedan
? Landrover
? Jeep
? Jaguar Mk.IX

Ebro beverage truck 'Jarritos'

Probably originating from Concentra's marketing department, the second line in the text above translates to 'made in Mexico, with European techniques' and the third line to 'metal axles, made in Switzerland'. So much for having faith in Mexican made products.

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