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PIC-R    EKO / Alt Berlin / Norev / AHM / Aneste / Concentra / Plasticos Gacela

If you want to know more about Anguplas we can recommend the book Anguplas - Historia de un sueŮo by Juan Mauri Cruz. 
Read the review here.

Anguplas was a Spanish company founded by Jordi Angusto, on this page you'll find a listing of all the 1/87 Anguplas carmodels we have been able to find sofar. Anguplas has also made a series of 87th scale building kits, although out of twenty kits announced there were eight that were never made. The kits are listed at the bottom of this page. We have also found some models that were announced but never made by Anguplas, they were the Cadillac Eldorado, Ford T 1927, Nash Metropolitan, Dodge WC-54 Military Ambulance, Dodge WC-64 and the M16 Half Track with missiles.

Anguplas and Norev have definately cooperated, there were several Anguplas models that were licensed from Norev, and there were several models that were made for Norev by Anguplas. These models can be distinguished from the original Norev models because they have 'made in Spain' on the bottom and Anguplas used different wheels on the models. The following models have been made: CitroŽn 1200 (type H), Renault Floride, Panhard PL17, Unic Cement transport,  CitroŽn DS 19, Unic Bennes Marrel (dumptruck) and Simca Ariane. Further, there were two other models announced, the Simca Aronde and a Microcar Renault, but these have never been made by Anguplas. This cooperation also functioned the other way around, the Anguplas Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the CitroŽn 2CV 'furgoneta' (van) were also released by Norev. 

The following models were made in cooperation with Norev:
Ref# Model Extra Remarks


CitroŽn 1200    Made by Anguplas under Norev license.
118-NB Renault Floride  Picture Made by Anguplas under Norev license. Norev and 'made in Spain' on the bottomplate.
119-NC Panhard PL17   Made by Norev and assembled by Anguplas.
120-ND Unic cementtrailer   Anguplas truck and Norev trailer.
121-NE CitroŽn DS19 Picture Made by Norev, assembled by Anguplas. Was made  in both Spain and France but was never made with 'made in Spain' on the bottomplate.
122-NF Unic Bennes Marrel   Made by Anguplas under Norev license.
123-NG Simca Ariane   Made by Norev and assembled by Anguplas.
124-NI Unic milktrailer Picture Anguplas truck and Norev trailer.

Bottomplate of Anguplas 44 - 'Made in France'

Scanned copies of Anguplas catalogues are available, click the thumbnails to have a look ! (Use the back button in your browser to return here). The two scans on the right are from a 1962 catalogue that was issued by Anguplas' German importer at the time... Paul M. Preiser !

Anguplas side 1.JPG (88387 bytes) Anguplas side 2.JPG (84825 bytes)

Anguplas_1962-1.jpg (228137 bytes)

Anguplas_1962-2.jpg (332347 bytes)

Pictured below are the vehicles the Anguplas salesmen drove. The car on the right has showcases on both sides whereas the two other cars have complete dioramas in the back. Ofcourse, the salesmen also brought their sample cases with them when they visited their customers and pictures of these cases can be found by clicking here. (Patience required though, page takes some time to load completely on slow connections)


Cat # Model Cat # Model
1 Pegaso Sport (Z103) 63 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II  
2 Seat 1400 A   64 Ford Galaxie  (opening hood
3 Seat 1400 A Bicolour  


Austin Seven (Mini) 
4 Seat 600   66 Sava T-58 truck 'Butano' 
5 Renault 4 CV   67 Borgward Isabella  
6 Pegaso Baraja truck / low sides  68 Ford model T  
7 Pegaso Baraja truck / high sides  69 CitroŽn ID19 Break  
8 Renault Dauphine   70 Centurion tank  
9 Seat 1400 A taxi   71 Antar tanktransporter  
10 DKW delivery truck without canvas top  72 Pegaso Z-207 firetruck/ladder 
11 Pegaso Z-207 milk tank truck  73 Landrover firebrigade  
12 Pegaso Z-207 petrol tank truck / yellow tank  74 Pegaso fire pumper  
12B Pegaso Z-207 petrol tank truck / black tank  75 Ford Taunus 17M  
13 Pegaso Z-207 cartransporter with 5 cars* 76 Jaguar Mk.VIII  
13B Pegaso Z-207 cartransporter without cars  77 Rover 3-litre  
14 Ford Edsel Bicolour (coupť)  78 DUKW  
15 Ebro beverage truck 'Pepsi Cola' 79 Ford Anglia
16 Voisin Biscuter folding top closed  80 Pegaso Z-207 Cementtrailer 
17 Voisin Biscuter folding top open  81 Jaguar E-type  
18 Ford Edsel (convertible)  82 Doubledeck bus  
19 Ebro truck  83 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia I
20 Renault Dauphine 84 Sava truck (unknown type) "Waste disposal" 
21 Citroen 2 CV   85 Rolls Royce Phantom I  
22 Chausson bus  86 Cadillac Fleetwood
23 Ebro truck 'DAMM'  87 Unic 'Hi-Boy' Cementtruck 
24 Forklift EL CANO-ARMAX   88 Pegaso Comet truck 
25 Lanz Bulldog   89 Mercury Comet  
26 Landrover folding top open  90 Volkswagen 1500  
27 Landrover folding top closed  91 Ford Thames
28 DKW II-E Combi   92 1962 Studebaker Hawk  
29 DKW II-E Combi ' Ambulance'  93 Fiat Balilla  
30 Ebro truck 'Coca-Cola'  94 Ford Consul 315  
31 Nelson crane   95 Antique doubledeckerbus (unknown type, AEC ?) 
32 Pegaso Z-207 truck with trailer  96 Caterpillar scraper
33 Seat 1400 Furgoneta   97 Fiat 1500  
34 Seat 1400 Furgoneta ' Coca-Cola'  98 Hanomag Barreiros tractor 
35 Seat 1400 C   99 Volvo Sport (P1800) 
35TX Seat 1400 C Taxi 100 Seat 1400 Familiar  
36 Mercedes W196  / extremely rare red version which was discovered recently. 101 Shovel (unknown type) "Chasseside" 
37 Oryx Berlin taxi   102 Unic truck with boiler  
38 Volkswagen Beetle   103 Skoda Octavia 
39 Renault Etoile Filante   104 Berliet dumptruck (unknown type) 
40 Hispano Suiza   105 CitroŽn 11  
41 Willys Jeep (military)  106 Barreiros truck 
42 Jaguar D-type   107 Saab 96 (picture shows repainted model)
43 Le ZŤbre 108 Austin SAVA  
44 Ferrari monoposto   109 BMW 700  
45 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint   110 Bugatti 1872  
46 Seat/Fiat 600 Multipla 111 DAF Daffodil  
47 1960 Studebaker Lark  112 Lancia Aprillia  
48 Barreiros TT.90.22 (military)  113 Landrover 'Shell' (two small trailers with 'Shell' logos) 
49 Seat Serra convertible with motorboat trailer  114 Studebaker Avanti
50 Citroen 5 CV   115 Pala Excavator "ALQUIMA"  
51 Mercedes-Benz Microbus   116 Jeep Airport "follow me"  
52 Studebaker Big Six 1916  117NA CitroŽn 1200 kilos (type H) 
53 CitroŽn 2CV furgoneta  118NB Renault Floride  
54 Seat Serra Sport   119NC Panhard PL17
55 Landrover CAMIRRO (mobile chapel)  120ND  Unic cementtrailer  
56 Ford Falcon   121NE CitroŽn DS19  
57 Jeep FC150 forward control  122NF  Unic Bennes Marrel (dumptruck) 
58 Mercedes-Benz 220S/SE 123NG Simca Ariane  
59 Pegaso bus   124 Opel Kadett  
60 Pegaso Z-207 tank trailer, 4 versions have been available: CAMPSA, BP, ESSO and SHELL.  125 Ford Zephyr  
61 Jeep Wagon   126 Ebro truck "Vida" fruit juices (promotional model) 
62 MG A 1600 127NI Unic Milk Transport  
*Ref.13 was usually loaded with SEAT 1400A models, but transporters loaded with Pegaso Z103 Sport models have been available as well, these are very rare though.

Sets of models

Several sets of models have also been sold, here is what we've found sofar:

Anguplas_selection2-1.jpg (24198 bytes) Anguplas_selection2-2.jpg (10742 bytes)
Set of six old-timer models
Anguplas_firetruckset-1961-2.jpg (9729 bytes) Anguplas_firetruckset-1961-1.jpg (10761 bytes)
Set of firetrucks (1961)

Plastilandia - the building kits

Anguplas_Plastilandia.jpg (57793 bytes)

Anguplas_P8-box.jpg (28482 bytes)

Kit instruction sheet

P8 box

These are the kits we've found sofar:



P1 Church 1960
P2 City hall  1961
P3 Bus station  1960
P4 Train station  1961
P5 Cinema  Never made
P6 Supermarket  Never made
P7 Petrol station  1959
P8 Garage 'Mini Cars' 1959
P9 Primary school  1961
P10 Factory  Never made
P11 Fire station  1961
P12 Luxury house  Never made
P13 Small house  1960
P14 Cheap house  Never made
P15 Farm  Never made
P16 Airport  Never made
P17 Motel  1960
P18 Motel flats  1960
P19 Gated parking with shed 1961
P20 Hospital  Never made

Complementos de Plastilandia - Plastilandia accessory sets

Cat# Description Year
CP-1 Set of streetlights ?
CP-2 Set of benches ?
CP-3 Fold-out city plan ?
CP-4 Set of 4 trees ?

Los Complementos de MiniCars - accessory sets




CMC1 Set of traffic signs (box contents ?
CMC2 Set of traffic lights   ?
CMC3 Lift for gas station


CMC4 Barrel filling station ?
CMC5 Set of barrels and drums   ?
CMC6 Set of directional signs on two upright poles ?
CMC7 Refinery storage tank ?
CMC8 Set of safety barriers  ?
CMC10 Set of crates or bales ?
CMC11 Set of I-beams etc. ?
CMC12 Two tier tire rack with tires ?

Serie Especial de Construccion De Carreteras - special highway construction series

Cat# Description Year
CMC9 Cargo loader (sand/gravel) ?
CMC13 Bulk cement loader ?
CMC14 Cement factory ?
CMC15 Asphalting machine ?
CMC16 Asphalt spreader ?

The planes

Anguplas did think about starting a series of airplane models as well. Unfortunately the plan was abandoned and the models never made it into regular production. There were, however, some prototypes made. These models are extremely hard to find and prices for them are sky-high.

We know the following prototypes exist, but there may have been more:

701 Dassault Etendard IV
702 Fouga CM-170 Magister
703 Dassault Mirage III

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