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 Associated Hobby Manufacturers

PIC-R    Umex /  Roco / Anguplas / EKO / Ingap / Kader / Eheim / Brawa

AHM  is an American distribution company that used products from Umex, Roco, Anguplas, Rivarossi, EKO, Ingap, Crown, Kader (Norev copies) and others to market them under their own name. We are trying to put together a list of models that were released by AHM, but made by other manufacturers. For the list, we are looking for the following information:

- AHM catalogue numbers
- Other AHM models
- The manufacturer of the original model
- The cataloguenumber of the original
- Any other information

Set of Ingap models (series 1) sold under the AHM label.

Car & truck models


Series Model Made for AHM by
?   Alfa Romeo Guilietta Anguplas / EKO
?   Austin A40 ?
?   Cadillac Eldorado convertible ?
?   Cadillac Fleetwood Anguplas / EKO
?   Chevrolet Corvair ?
?   Chevrolet stationwagon ?
?   Chevrolet Impala convertible Anguplas / EKO
?   Chevrolet El Camino EKO 161045
?   Chrysler  ? (1961)


?   Citroen DS Kader (Norev copy)
?   Dodge Dart Pioneer ?
?   Ford Anglia ?
?   Ford Country Squire ?
?   Ford Falcon ?
?   Ford Galaxie Anguplas / EKO
?   Ford Thunderbird EKO 161044
?   Lancia Flavia


?   Opel Rekord EKO 
?   Simca Aronde


?   Simca Ariane Kader (Norev copy)
?   Ford Business coupe Cox
?   Unic truck (see picture of boxtop below) Kader (Norev copy)
?   Unic dumptruck Kader (Norev copy)
?   Unic tractor with cartransporter trailer Kader (Norev copy)*
X-41   Willys Jeep C-J 38   Anguplas
K-501 3 M4 Sherman tank and M38 Jeep  Crown kit**
K-502 6 Panzer IV F2 and Kübelwagen Crown kit**
K-503 9 StuG III assault gun Crown kit**
K-504 ? ? ?
K-505 1 Panzer V Ausf.A (Panther) + 37mm AT gun  Crown kit**
K-506 4 Panzer VI (Tiger IIB) with 88mm gun  Crown kit**
K-507 7 T-34/85 tank

Crown kit**

K-508 10 US 155mm gun 'Long Tom' and M38 Jeep

Crown kit**

? 12 US M-40 SP Howitzer Crown kit ?** 
? 13 German Infantry Crown kit ?** 
? 15 Africa Korps Infantry Crown kit ?** 
5615   Chevrolet Corvette (+ rear view) ?***
5615   Ford Thunderbird (+ rear view) ?***

* AHM sold this model in the USA in the 1960s/1970s, each trailer carried five cars, usually two Citroën DS19s and three Simcas. The model was also used as a give- away with the purchase of other AHM products.
Information on the Crown kits from Steven S. Pietrobon and Harry Seidler.
*** Both models have 'made in Hongkong' and the number 5615 on the bottomplate and have vac-formed glazing. 

We have identified sets 1 and 3, but information about other sets is still very welcome ! The ref.numbers in brackets are the Ingap ref.numbers.

- Lancia Flavia (ref.17)
- Ford Anglia (ref.9)
- Fiat 1500 Spyder (ref.18)
- Chevrolet Impala Convertible (ref.7)
- Chevrolet Corvair (ref.15)
- Ford Country Squire 'US-mail' (ref.11)
- Dodge Dart Pioneer Military Police (ref.14)
- Chrysler 1961 Sedan Police (ref.9)
- Chevrolet El Camino 'Towing 24 Hours' (ref.16)
- Chevrolet Stationwagon Fire Chief (ref.8)

Marc Michalet let us know that he remembered AHM also had a line of armor that was sold in the late 1960s or early 1970s that was sold around one christmas at Radio Shack stores. These models ran larger that 1/87 for the most part.  Additional information on these models is very welcome !

AHM / Umex catalogue copy:

Umex-cat.jpg (435398 bytes)

Trolleybuses (AHM Minibus System --> Eheim models)

From the late 1950s onwards AHM offered the Eheim trolleybus system and accessories under the 'Minibus System' name.

Ref# Model
4001 Trolleybus set: trolleybus, oval of wire, 8 poles and a pair of power poles
4005 Figure 8 overhead set: overhead wire, 18 poles, a pair of power poles and a 90 degree crossing
4100 Trolleybus
4111 Set of 3 overhead poles
4112 Pair of power poles
4115 Pair of overhead wires
4117 90 degree crossing
4120 Remote electric switch
4132 Curving tool for overhead wire

AHM Airplane modelkits

AHM also released modelkits of different aircraft in 87th scale*. They were in the 'All the worlds aircraft - Historical Aviation in scalemodels' productline. There have been at least three series of aircraft. All models were released in 1974 or later. * Information received from Wayne Calder: several of the kits were actually made in 1/100. These later turned up as Roco models. Additional information received from Jens Mehner: "having almost owned all of them at one time or another, I can assure you that none of them was in 1/87 scale, with the possible exception of the "Spirit of St Louis", the only one I never had, they were all more or less in 1/96 scale." 


Series Name Kits
1 'The Golden Era' 6
2 'The Famous World War II Fighters' 6
3 'The Classic Warbirds' ?

AHM_SK4-boxback.jpg (48656 bytes)

AHM_SK16-parts.jpg (56938 bytes)

Kit SK-4 artwork on the back of the box. Kit SK-16 parts on sprue and instructions

Information received from J.D.: "I was the purchasing director Far East for AHM in the mid 70’s. We took over the Cox line of built-up planes and produced them in both kit and built-up models. I don’t recall just how many we did, but it included some like “Spirit of St. Louis” as well as the StuKa, P-38 Lightning, most of the famous WWII fighters (US mainly) and the F4 Phantom. The built ups were nicely done."


Cat# Series Aircraft type Scale
SK-1 1 P6E Curtiss 'Hawk'  1/100
SK-2 1 Grumman F3F-3   1/97
SK-3 1 F4B4 Boeing 99   1/100
SK-4 1 P26A Boeing 'Peashooter'      additional picture: built kit   1/99
SK-5 1 Ryan 'The Spirit of Saint Louis'  1/110
SK-6 1 Lockheed Vega 'Winnie Mae'  1/100
SK-7 2 Mitsubishi / Nakajima A6M 'Zero' / 'Zeke' 1/103
SK-8 2 Kawasaki Hien K1-61-1 'Tony' 1/100
SK-9 2 North-American P51D 'Mustang'   1/100
SK-10 2 Messerschmitt BF-109E   1/100
SK-11 2 North-American P51D 'Mustang' 'Miss America'-version 1/87
SK-12 2 Curtiss P-40 'Warhawk' (Flying Tigers decals)  1/96
SK-13 2 Bell P-39Q 'Airacobra'   1/102
SK-14 3 McDonnel F-4E 'Phantom II'  1/90
SK-15 3 Lockheed P-38L 'Lightning'  1/89
SK-16 3 Junkers Ju87G 'Stuka'  1/85
? ? McDonnelF-3B 'Demon' (announced but never issued) ?

Apparently the models have also been issued as 'ready-mades'...  (see pictures) 

AHM_BellP39.jpg (17479 bytes)

AHM_CurtissP40E.jpg (23359 bytes)

AHM_NorthAmericanP51D.jpg (24467 bytes)

Any information on these is also very welcome !

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