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Most Umex pictures Theo Gijsbers

PIC-R    Roco / AHM / Puget Sound

Umex was an Austrian company that produced assembled plastic models of construction equipment from the 1960's to the 1980's (?). There were about a dozen models which were all accurate in scale. Almost every model was moulded in a bright yellow plastic with black detailparts and soft plastic tires. The Euclid truck and the Hamm rollers were also moulded in orange.  

Catalogue scans:

AHM catalogue (USA) Umex-cat.jpg (435398 bytes)
Roskopf catalogue
(Scan Kurt Richter)
Umex-1.jpg (57083 bytes) Umex-2.jpg (54419 bytes)


Ref# Model Colour
U301.25 Caterpillar 4-wheel tractor yellow
U302.39 Caterpillar 4-wheel tractor (pictured in the wrong packing !) yellow
U302.25 Caterpillar Traxcavator (pictured below) yellow
U303.39 Caterpillar 16 grader  yellow
U304.39 Universal backhoe crawler  yellow
U305.39 Caterpillar D8 bulldozer  yellow
U306.39 Hamm roadroller yellow / orange
U307.49 Universal crane truck yellow
U308.59 Caterpillar 631A scraper yellow
U309.59 Euclid R45 dumptruck  orange
U310.98 Construction crane   yellow
U311.29 Hamm tandem roadroller yellow / orange
U312.49 Universal clamshell crawler   yellow
U313.?? Caterpillar grader yellow
U314.?? Caterpillar 4-wheel scraper (for U301) yellow

Umex and Roco seem to have cooperated in some way since the Cat grader was also available in military green in the Roco minitanks series during the 1960's. Eventually Umex disappeared from the market but three of the models were reissued by Roco (they probably bought the moulds) in 1982. There were some changes to the models but the imprint on the bottom still read Umex.  The Roco models were all released in a dark yellow that resembled the original Caterpillar yellow. In 1988 the models also disappeared from the Roco catalogue.

Roco models were:

1403 - Caterpillar 16 grader
1404 - Caterpillar 631A scraper
1405 - Caterpillar 630A tractor plus 482C scraper

In 1999 Puget Sound Casting began manufacturing an Umex copy, it appears to be a 'remould' in resin.

97013 - Euclid R45 Dumper 

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