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I.N.G.A.P. (Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automati Padova) from Italy manufactured injection moulded model cars in various scales, including (near) 1/87. Two periods of production can be distinguished, the first models had no glazing and the next series was issued with glazing (similar to Wiking). The first series (without glazing) was modelled after prototypes of the 1950s and had broken-through windows. The modelcars consist of body and bottom plate with steel axles and one-part grey wheels, which were used for cars and trucks likewise. Peculiarity: although moulded in colored plastic the models were painted. The second production period (1960s) brought out models with American prototypes in 86th scale. The bottom plate was well done, whereas compared to that the bodies were a bit coarse. The wheels with star rims are very similar to the according Wiking types. There were 17 different models with glazing. 

Last known address: 

Industria Nazionale Giocattoli Automati Padova
Via Guizza 14 

The models have definately been released in more colours, and the models seem to have been released unpainted as well, the Mercedes 300 SL pictured below is an example of an unpainted model. 






Thanks go to  Sylvain Le Stum and Daniel Kolb who helped to put together this list. 

Ref# Model Colour Prototype year
1 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud  black  ?
2 Jaguar XK 120 coupť   light green ?
3 Volkswagen 'Beetle'  light brown ?
4 Fiat Nuova 1100 sedan  blue ?
5 MG A coupe  red ?
6 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint  light blue  ?
7 Lancia Aurelia B24 Gran Turismo Roadster  light blue-grey  ?
8 Mercedes 300SL 'Gullwing'  grey with
yellow roof, brown
9 Nash Metropolitan  turquoise  ?
10 CitroŽn Traction Avant  black ?
11 CitroŽn DS19  red ?
12 Chrysler Imperial coupe / Chrysler Windsor (??) light yellow with
red roof 
1 Simca Aronde P60  grey ?
2 Opel Rekord P2   light green ?
4 Ford Galaxie 2 door Club sedan dark blue 1961
5 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine marroon 1960?
6 Chrysler 4 door sedan black ?
7 Chevrolet Convertible Coupe, open  light yellow ?
8 Chevrolet 4 door Station-wagon red 1961
10 Ford Falcon 4 door sedan dark green, blue-green 1960?
11 Ford 4 door Station-wagon, Country-squire (?) brown 1961
12 Ford Thunderbird 2 door coupe light yellow 1961
13 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible coupe, open light green, beige 1960?
14 Dodge Dart Pioneer 2 door coupe  light brown, dark brown 1961
15 Chevrolet Corvair 4 door sedan light blue, light green 1960?
16 Chevrolet El-Camino Pick-up orange 1961
17 Lancia Flavia sedan light blue m'ic ?
18 Fiat 1500 Spyder light blue ?
? JEEP   grey ?
? Austin A 40 ? ?
? Ford Anglia   light brown, yellow ?

Ingap did also make some truck models, the models we have been able to find sofar are very simple models without glazing or interior. Some of the models were spraypainted. 

Ref# Model Colour Prototype year
3 Fiat-OM open  Dark green, light green ?
4 Fiat-OM covered Dark blue ?
5 Fiat-OM firebrigade (?) laddertruck Red ?
6 Fiat-OM tanktruck Yellow, light blue ?
7 Fiat-OM cementsilo Orange, yellow ?
12 Fiat-OM bus  Blue,  ?
? Set of four vehicles - ?
? Set of four vehicles   - ?
? Set of five military vehicles   - ?

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