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Anguplas - Historia de un sueño
by Juan Mauri Cruz - in Spanish, 464 pages, full colour.

Juan Mauri Cruz, a collector from Barcelona and the owner of one of the most important collections of Anguplas Minicars, has written this book with the intent to create a complete catalogue of all Anguplas models. Every Anguplas Miniature has been compiled into this book. A total of 464 pages with excellent photographs and descriptions of every model of every Anguplas division, Minicars, Plastilandia and Miniships. 

The book is available from the author directly, he can be contacted at .

The detailed descriptions allow the collector to find out how difficult it is to find a certain model, the year it was issued, and, in the case of carmodels, the colour in which the model appears most frequently or which type of wheels it had. Click here for a preview.

The book also contains many documents, catalogues and exclusive pictures of the Anguplas history.

Short description of contents:

-The Anguplas Story: One page of introductory text and 34 pages with photographs, photocopies and drawings with short explanatory texts.
-The Anguplas Mini Cars: description and picture of every box, pages with photographs and description of every kind of wheel used, pictures of all models with description. All descriptions follow the same steps. Dificulty to find the model, available colours, wheels etc., plus 28 pages with photocopies of all the catalogues.
-The Accessories: Short introductory text, 12 pages of descriptions, plus 3 pages with photocopies of the catalogues.
- Plastilandia: One page of introductory text, 15 pages with photographs and description,
19 pages of photocopies of the original building instructions, plus 10 pages with photocopies of the Plastilandia catalogues.
- Accessories for Plastilandia: short introductory text, 3 pages with photographs and text below.
- Miniships: one page of introductory text, 12 pages with photographs of every ship and description, 8 pages with photocopies of the Miniships catalogues.
- Accessories for Miniships: short introductory text, 6 pages with photographs and description.
- Additionally, the book contains information on the Cadet series of airplanes, the Super Mini Cars in 1/43 scale, information about special editions, the Mini Cars Club and the Mini Motor Magazine.