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Efsi Miniaturen

MDC-R    ASA2000 / Praline

DAF 3300

Originally founded in 1959 this factory was set up by the Dutch government and was meant to increase the social integration of disabled people by making it easier for them to get a job. From 1962 onwards the models (most of them, but not all, in 1/64) were sold under the Best-Box name, but around 1971 the company name was changed to Efsi. This probably originates from the organisation that was behind Best-Box, FSI (Federation for Social Integration). It was also around that time that a wide range of truck models of various brands started to appear on the market. Manufacturing promotional models became a major part of Efsi's activities during the 1980's and 1990's, and the quality of the models was further improved by replacing the 'fast-wheels' with less toy-like wheels with rims and better decorations. Efsi also supplied models to Siekmann & Co. in Germany that offered the models with their own printing under the ASA2000 name until 1986. The Efsi name itself was used until 1988, at that time the FSI seized to exist and the factory closed its doors. The moulds were sold to/taken over by Holland-Oto.

Mercedes LPS

Due to the large number of 1/87 models released and the absence of documentation we can not list all models Efsi has made, instead of that we are listing the base models that were used. All truck cabs have been available on straight truck chassis, straight truck chassis with drawbar trailer and as tractors with various types of trailers.

Additional information is most welcome !

Truck cabs:

DAF 2800/3300
DAF 95
DAF 95 Spacecab
DAF 95 XF Super Spacecab
MAN 19.320
Mercedes-Benz LPS 2222
Mercedes-Benz NG 1628
Mercedes-Benz NG 2632
Scania 142
Scania 143
Scania 144
Volvo F12
Volvo N12

Volvo N12


Van trailer
Trailer with tarpaulin
Silo trailer
Tank trailer
Container trailer

DAF 2800


Jonckheere Bermuda* / Volvo
Jonckheere Bermuda* / Scania
Jonckheere Bermuda* / Mercedes
Jonckheere Bermuda* / DAF
Bova Futura
Bova Magiq
Bova Magnum

* Three of the  Jonckheere Bermuda's different frontclips, pictured here are DAF, Scania and Volvo versions

Older (front) and newer style wheels

Sideview with both access hatches open

Jonckheere Bermuda 'KLM'

Jonckheere Bermuda 'Green Line'

DAF 95

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