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They have done it again !

Brekina - Opel Rekord PII Coupé (2004, Limited 'TDI' edition for the 2004 Techno Classica)
- By Eric Kersbergen - Pictures by Albert Prats

Who's done what, you might ask ? Well, Brekina did it again, they picked a prototype that isn't exactly common, made an excellent model of it and even managed to add a few extras here and there.

This version of the 1961 Opel Rekord PII coupé is definately another step up the ladder for Brekina, apart from perfect proportions, which we had already seen in the Porsche 917, Peugeot 404, Volvo Amazon and Alfa-Romeo Giulia models that were released earlier, this model also has an interior that deserves to be seen.

OK, at first glance this may look like the interior you find on any other model but when you take a closer look you will see that Brekina has done a couple of things that you will not find on other models. And it is not just the painted seats !

This is what the dashboard of the model looks like close-up, notice that it isn't just plain plastic you see there. Apart from the more then average level of engraved detail, this 'TDI' (Top Decoration Interior) version of the model has a dashboard that matches the exterior colour and it also features dials and other details that were printed on. 

Other added detail can be found on the outside, not only is this the first Brekina model that has a rearview mirror, the Opel also has a 'real' exhaust which features a typical 1960s accessory on this version....  

All in all, a very nice model that really shows which capabilities Brekina has. And since there are rumours about a Ford model... wouldn't you like to see a Knudsen Taunus in TDI version ?  I know I would...

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