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Auto Emoción

Rietze - Seat Altea
- By Eric Kersbergen - Model pictures by Albert Prats - Prototype pictures from 'Autopista' car magazine 2312 and 2330.

Much to everybodies surprise Rietze announced a model of the Seat Altea at the 2004 Nuremberg Toy Fair. A pleasant surprise, because models after Spanish prototypes aren't exactly common in 1/87. The first models have been delivered to Seat and are currently used as promotionals.  

An excellent review of the Altea is already available at the American 1-87 Club's website so we are not going down that road again on this site. There is, however, something odd about this model......


Pictured above left is the Altea prototype (pre-series), above right is the car as it is available from Seat at the moment. If you compare both cars, you'll notice that the hood differs (click the pictures for a better look).

Now compare these two to the front of the model...  

We may never find out, but it could be that Seat made some design changes after the construction of the 1/87 model had already started, to us, it looks as if the hood of the Rietze model has been made after drawings of the pre-series vehicle and not of the definitive version. 

Odd, isn't it ?

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