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Nissan* has released three 1/87 scale miniatures of their Almera Tino, Primera and Patrol models in june 2002. The models are made for Nissan Germany in China and although the models generally look good, some compromises have obviously been made to keep the cost under control. 

All three models are made in plastic, have type-specific wheels and several details have been printed on. The lights and grilles are stickers though. The models are available in several standard and metallic colours.

Nissan Patrol

Nissan_Patrol-1.jpg (24825 bytes)

Nissan_Patrol-3.jpg (30799 bytes)

Nissan_Patrol-2.jpg (31023 bytes)

Nissan Almera Tino

Nissan_AlmeraTino-1.jpg (28364 bytes)

Nissan_AlmeraTino-2.jpg (28425 bytes)

Nissan Primera

Nissan_Primera-1.jpg (36291 bytes)

Nissan_Primera-2.jpg (35841 bytes)

Nissan_Primera-3.jpg (33508 bytes)

*Ofcourse Nissan isn't really the manufacturer of these models, but since the models do not have a manufacturers name on them we have listed them under 'Nissan'. 

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