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Information received from Achim Lademacher


NZG (Nürnberger Zinkdruckguss) is a manufacturer of diecast models of trucks and construction machinery, mostly 1/50th scale. In the 1980's NZG manufactured a series of 4 simple Caterpillar models in 1/87th scale. Currently a new series called 'Metal Collection 87' of higher quality (details, printings, glazing etc.) is available.

#120 - Caterpillar D4D bulldozer


Ref# Model
112 Caterpillar 920 wheel loader (appeared later as lowboy load on a BUB model)
120 Caterpillar D-4D dozer
124 Caterpillar B25 fork lift (Caterpillar yellow)
124? Caterpillar B25 fork lift (military green, limited run of 200)
143 Caterpillar 225 hydraulic excavator
194 O&K SH400 bucket wheel excavator (1/100th scale)
Metal Collection 87
474 O&K RH6-22 hydraulic excavator (red/gray O&K paint scheme)
474/01 O&K RH6-22 hydraulic excavator (green, "Schwickert")
475 Bomag BW 213D-3 roller w cab
475/01 Bomag BW 213D-3 roller w canopy
475/02 Bomag BW 213D-3 sheepfoot roller w canopy
475/03 Bomag BW 213D-3 sheepfoot roller w cab
508 Liebherr L 538 wheel loader (Liebherr paint scheme)
508/01 Liebherr L 538 wheel loader (white)
508/02 Liebherr L 538 wheel loader (blue/white, "THW")
508/03 Liebherr L 538 wheel loader (green, "Schwickert")
530/11 Grove RT700E rough terrain crane (yellow, "Kokosing")
530/12 Grove RT700E rough terrain crane (yellow, "Keen")
556 Menck M251 dragline
557 Liebherr A 900 ZW RR hydraulic excavator w rail equipment
558 Weserhütte W180 dragline
559 Faun L1206 truck
560 Construction site van trailer
562 Fuchs F 301 wheel excavator w clamshell
565 Liebherr L 300, Liebherr's first hydraulic excavator
599 Hanomag B-8 wheel loader
604 Hamm 3414HT road roller
633 Komatsu PC200 hydraulic excavator
633/01 Komatsu PC210 LC hydraulic excavator
643 Gottwald HMK 7408 harbor crane
647 Liebherr 160 HC-L 8/16 construction site crane
667 Liebherr 110 EC-B construction site crane
713 Liebherr LHM 500 harbor crane

Grove RT700

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