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Oddo's Models


Oddo's Train Shop, McKeesport PA, USA, made/makes (?) several cast plaster car and truck models in 87thscale, their production may have started somewhere in the 1960s and continued at least until 1990.

Mark Brashear sent us the following information:

I have been building 1/87 for some time now, and am always looking for new products. I found a local shop (Oddo's Hobby shop) a few years back that had some very interesting items. Oddo's is a mom & pop place, open from 10:00am - 2:00 pm only, and carries a wide variety of scale items. But Oddo's specializes in hydrocal and plaster 1/87 vehicles where he would literally do a rubber mold of an existing model and cast it in plaster. I recognized many of his items, he had done most of the Walthers/Magnuson line, the Revell Chryslers, Varney models (Ford sedan, Studebaker,  Ford trucks), some of the old Mini-Lindy's, and a wide variety of others. Somewhere I have his price list, most of his cars were $0.99 at the time. I think he is still in business but it has been several years since I have been there. An uncle of mine, who is also into 1/87 said that Oddo's was around in the 1960's and had a sign on the door saying ' liquidation sale, going out of business'. Well, the last time I was there the sign was still on the door...

Pictured here are two of the truck models, these are the only models we have been able to find pictures of so far. The models could be early Mack or Kenworth tractor/trailers although we are not sure which prototype has been modelled. The trailer could be a Fruehauf Trailer. The models have metal axles that are cast in the plaster with hard rubber tires.  

In 1981, Oddo's announced 36 new models but until today, only the existence of a VW Beetle (ref.#15) has been confirmed.

More information on Oddo's Models is welcome !! 

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