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Information received from: Joaquim Janeiro, Portugal


Simple plastic miniatures made in Portugal by a company that was founded by Artur and Alfonso Henriques in Espinho (near Oporto) in the 1940s. Originally, the company name was 'LUSO CELULOIDE' and made dolls, cars and other toys and household items from celluloid. In the 1950s Afonso leaves the company and starts his own business under the 'HERCULES' name, and started making plastic toys (none in 87th scale). It is about the same time that 'LUSO CELULOIDE' changes its name to 'OSUL' and starts using plastic instead of celluloid. 'OSUL' also made the carmodels described and pictured here but it is uncertain when these models were actually made and when their production ended. In the 1970s 'OSUL' starts making metal models in 1/43 scale under the 'METOSUL' name. Production of these 1/43 models has also stopped many years ago already and these are now real collectible items with rising prices.

These are the models we've found sofar:

Buick Special
DKW pickup
Opel Kapitan 1938 2 doors 
Porsche 356 
Willys Jeep

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