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Parker Models
Information & pictures: Maz Woolley


Range of 1/76th (OO / 4mm) scale white-metal kits which, although out of scale, includes some models after 40s/50s/60s British prototypes which may be of interest. The kits are only obtainable directly from the manufacturer in the UK and via an agent in Australia - they are not sold in any model shops. The kits are primarily aimed at the model railway diorama market. The car models come with: a single piece body shell; chassis with wheels, seats, dash etc all cast in; a steering wheel and a vacform for windows. The motorbike in: bike; sidecar; handlebars and vacform piece for sidecar screen. The kits are relatively straightforward to build. 

Kit listing: 

Ref# Model Prot.Year
VE01 Ford Anglia 105E 1959-1967
VE02 Rover 3 litre 1959-1967
VE03 Ford Consul Capri (no longer available) 1961-1964
VE04 Jensen Interceptor (pictured above) 1966-1968
VE05 Ford Anglia 5/7 cwt Van 1961-1967
VE06 Ford Anglia 105E Estate Car (no longer available) 1961-1967
VE07 Rover P5B Coupe 1967-1973
VE08 Ford Consul Classic 1961-1964
VE09 Vauxhall Cresta PA 1957-1960
VE10 Hillman Imp 1963-1968
VE11 Austin 1100 1963-1967
VE12 Ford Zodiac MkII 1959-1962
VE13 Reliant Regal 3/25 1962-1965
VE14 Commer Imp 5cwt Van 1965-1968
VE15 Ford Consul Mk II 1959-1962
VE16 Triumph motorcycle with sidecar 1957-1959
VE17 Reliant Regal Supervan 1965-1972
VE18 Humber Super Snipe Series III   1961-1962
VE19 Bedford CA Series II LWB 15cwt Van   1959-1963
VE20 Touring Caravan (no longer available) 1960's
VE21 Bedford CA Series I 12 Seater Utilabus   1953-1959
VE22 Bedford CA Series I Grosvenor Canopy service truck   1953-1959
VE23 Bedford CA Series II Dropside Truck   1959-1963
VE24 Rover P5B Saloon   1967-1973
VE25 Humber Hawk Series II   1960-1962
VE26 Wolseley 6/90   1954-1956
VE27 Bedford CA Series I Ice Cream Van   1953-1959
VE28 Bedford CA Series II Pantechnicon   1959-1963
VE29 Morris LD Ambulance   1955-1960
VE30 MG Magnette Za   1953-1957
VE31 Sunbeam Stiletto   1967-1972
VE32 Wolseley 6/90 Police Car   1954-1956
VE33 Riley Pathfinder   1953-1957
VE34 Austin LD 1-ton Van   1955-1960
VE35 Ford Thames 400E Van   1957-1961
VE36 Ford Thames 400E 15cwt Float   1957-1961
VE37 Morris J4 10/12cwt Van   1961-1968
VE38 Wolseley 4/44   1952-1956
VE39 Nash Metropolitan 1500   1956-1961
VE40 Austin A60 Cambridge   1961-1969
VE41 Morris J4 10/12cwt pick-up   1961-1968
VE42 Ford Thames 400E 12-seater bus   1957-1961
VE43 Lotus Cortina Mk.I   1964-1966
VE44 Wolseley 16/60   1961-1971
VE45 Vauxhall E-Series Cresta   1954-1955
VE46  Triumph Herald   1959-1967
VE47 Vauxhall Victor F Series   1957-1959
VE48 Vauxhall E-Series Wyvern   1951-1955
VE49 Ford Zephyr Zodiac   1953-1956
VE50 Ford Cortina Mk 1   1962-1964
VE51 Triumph Herald Courier 1962-1964
VE52 Ford Consul Mk.1 1951-1953
VE53 Morris Oxford Series II 1954-1956
VE54 Standard Vanguard Phase 1 1948-1953

Contact details:

R. Parker
19 Oaklands
Malvern Wells, Worcs WR14 4JE
United Kingdom

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