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Peter Young Models


White-metal kits of English, American and Australian prototypes and some accessories in 1/76 and/or 1/87. The kits are available as complete kits with chassis or as cab only, all directly from the manufacturer (look for seller 'spottedgum' on Ebay.com). The following models are currently available:

1:76 Kits - British road vehicles

Model Remarks
Leyland Comet -
Dodge LAD -
Seddon Atkinson Early 1960s cab prior to the Motor Panels cab
Commer Maxiload -
Bedford KM -
Dodge/Commer Commando 1 -
Dodge Commando 2 Roof-top or behind cab sleeper
BMC 701 Jennings cab, late 1950s
AEC Mercury Split screen late 1950s
Albion LAD -
Dodge LAD -
Leyland Comet LAD -
Commer Last split screen type, late 1950
Karrier Gamecock -
Bedford J1 1.5 ton -
Bedford A type Early to mid 1950s
Commer Superpoise Last type, late 1950s to mid 1960s
Austin Series 3 Late 1950s to mid 1960
Low loader trailer -
Austin FG 'threepenny bit' Proposed for later this year (2003)
Guy Big J Proposed for later this year (2003)
Seddon Atkinson Motor Panels cab, proposed for later this year (2003)

1:87 Kits - American, Australian and British vehicles from Australian roads

Model Remarks
Ford F700 Tractor, 1964 model
Mack B61 Tractor
International R Tractor
Magirus Deutz  Tracor, square bonnet
International AACO 'butter box' Tractor, 1964 model
Commer QX (pictured above) Truck, split screen cab and platform body, 1956
Flat tandem trailer Approx. 34 footer
Ford F700 Tray truck
Atkinson Tractor
Leyland Super Hippo Tractor
International ABD 184 Tractor
Leyland Boxer-Chieftain truck Truck

Miscellaneous items:

Bullbar to suit modern Australian heavy vehicles
Replacement chute for Husky ERF cement mixer
5 human figures for goods yard carrying loads etc.

Other models have been available earlier but are not offered at the moment:

Ref# Model
1 AEC Mk V tractor 
2 AEC Mk V 8 wheeler 
3 AEC Ergomatic cab tractor 
4 AEC Ergomatic cab 8 wheeler
5 Atkinson (1960s cab) tractor  
6 Atkinson cab 8 wheeler 
7 Austin FF 7 ton platform 
8 Austin FF 7 ton tipper  
9 Austin/BMC series 3 forward control 7 ton platform 
10 Austin/BMC series 3 forward control 7 ton tipper 
11 Bedford TK 7 ton platform 
12 Bedford TK 7 ton tipper 
13 Bedford TK tractor 
14 Bedford KM heavy platform
15 Bedford KM tipper
16 Bedford KM tractor 
17 Commer C Series (twin headlights) tractor 
18 Commer Maxiload platform 
19 Commer Maxiload tipper 
20 Dodge Commando 2 with wide mudguards 
21 Dodge/Commer Commando with wide mudguards 
22 Dodge LAD cab 300 
23 Dodge 10 series 
24 Dodge K 10 tonner platform 
25 Dodge K tipper 
26 Dodge K tractor 
27 ERF LV (set forward front axle) tractor  
28 ERF LV (set forward front axle) 8 wheeler 
29 ERF A series (set forward front axle) tractor 
30 ERF A series (set forward front axle) 8 wheeler 
31 Foden S36/9 cab (split screen) tractor
32 Foden S36/9 cab (split screen) 8 wheeler 
33 Ford D1000 tractor
34 Ford Thames Trader tractor 
35 Guy Warrior platform 
36 Guy Warrior tractor 
37 Guy Invincible 8 wheeler 
38 Guy Big J tractor 
39 Leyland Redline platform 
40 Leyland Redline tipper 
41 Leyland Comet LAD cab 4 x 2 prime mover 
42 Leyland Ergomatic tractor 
43 Leyland Ergomatic 8 wheeler 
44 Leyland Freighter platform 
45 Leyland Freighter tipper 
46 Leyland Cruiser tractor
47 Leyland Constructor lightweight 8 wheeler (Cruiser.cab)
48 Leyland Roadtrain lower datum cab tractor 
49 Leyland Constructor 8 wheeler
50 Scammell Routeman 3 tractor 
51 Scammell Crusader tractor (sleeper) 
52 Scammell Highwayman tractor 
53 Seddon (early 1960s type cab) tractor 
54 Seddon Motor Panels cab tractor 
55 Seddon Motor Panels (higher date cab version) tractor 
56 Volvo F86 (later type front) tractor 
57 Volvo F86 8 wheeler 8 wheeler 
58 Commer H tractor 
59 Commer H tipper
60 Volvo F88 tractor 
Al Tandem trailer (30ft) with solid headboard 
A2 Platform body to suit 8 wheelers
A3 High sided tipper to suit 8 wheelers 
A4 Rooftop sleeper
A5 Set of five figures suitable for transport/goods yard 
A6 Bullbar 
A7 Busdriver 



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