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Petner Panzers were made in the USA by Robert Petner, who is no longer in business. The T-72 model, which was first released in 1986, was originally shipped in a cardboard box about the same size as what you'd find a toothpaste tube in at the grocery store. It came with a small decal sheet and a typewritten small specification sheet with assembly instructions on the reverse. Later, the data sheet was much bigger, included a small history of the vehicle and had a brief set of wargame rules on the reverse as well as the instructions. The Petner made T-72 tank model was also distributed by Roco as ref# 800.

Robert Petner also bought the Armortec T-62 moulds and leftover stock and re-mastered it. The difference between the Armortec and Petner version of the T-62 is the colour, the Armortec version is molded in green plastic while the Petner version is in desert sand. The Petner T-62 model also came with its own decal sheet and a similar set of instructions/rules/history. 

Stocks of both models (and maybe the moulds) have been sold to Boley and both models are currently being sold in Boley packaging. Both models still have the 'Petner Panzers' legend on the bottom of the hull and both the decals and the info sheets have been retained - verbatim - in the Boley packaging.

Model listing

Ref# Model
P-001 Russian T-72 tank
P-002 Russian T-62 tank

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