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Originally this range of 1/76 scale white metal handbuilt models of land speed record cars was offered by Bellini Models Ltd.(Tony Bellm). The models were actually made by R.A.E. models in the UK. 

Thanks to Philippe Langevin we can show you this scanned advertisement from the French magazine HO Véhicule International #8 (originally printed Dec. 1988). There are a lot more models in the ad then in the list below, unfortunately the ad does not mention any ref#.

Several of the models are still available as kit and ready-made models from R.A.E., the ref# for the kit gets a K at the end, the ready-made models get an F:

Ref# Model
WLS 004 BlueBird 1925
WLS 007 BlueBird 1927
WLS 008 Sunbeam 1000 HP
WLS 009 BlueBird 1935
WLS 010 BlueBird 1929
WLS 011 Stutz BlackHawk
WLS 012 Golden Arrow
WLS 015 BlueBird 1933
WLS 016 Railton 1938
WLS 017 Thunderbolt 
WLS 019 BlueBird 1964
WLS 020 Golden Rod
WLS 021 Sunbeam Silver Bullet
WLS 026 Thrust 1983
WLS 028 Budweiser 1979
WLS 029 MG EX 135
WLS 030 MG EX 181 (Phil Hill)
WLS 030A MG EX 181 (Stirling Moss)
WLS 033 MG EX 127
WLS 034 Challenger


1928 Stutz BlackHawk 1929 BlueBird
1938 Railton

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