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Information / pictures: Juan Mauri Cruz / Antonio Siller


Bottomplate of Pulga Opel Kapitan with 'Pulga' logo

Simple plastic miniatures made in Spain in the late 1950s as a train complement or cheap toy for children. Body and chassis have the same colour. In the beginning the Pulga (Spanish for 'flea') models didnīt have glazing, but models issued later have. The wheels where always black but the rim not always painted silver. The models are quite appreciated nowadays, and they are hard to find. The models have no reference number but the inscription 'Pulga' is engraved in†the chassis. However, this engraving is no longer present in the later models. It is not easy to say how many models where done, because there†aren't any documents about the manufacturer. As a curiosity, there are some models known that were hand-painted in silver and in gold colour.†

Bottomplate of Pulga Mercedes-Benz 300 with 'Serie Pulga'.

Modellisting (incomplete ?):

Ref# Model
? CitroŽn 2CV  
? CitroŽn DS19  
? Ebro truck  
? Hillman (approx. 1/80) 
? Lancia Aurelia
? Mercedes-Benz 190 SL  
? Mercedes-Benz 300  

Opel Kapitan  

? Peugeot 203  
? Peugeot 403 Break
? Porsche 356  
? Renault 4/4
? Renault Caravelle  
? Renault Dauphine
? Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (ParkWard)
? Seat/Fiat Multipla
? Seat/Fiat 1400 A Van
? Seat/Fiat 1400 A
? Seat/Fiat 1400 A 'Taxi†Barcelona' 
? Seat/Fiat 1400 C
? Seat/Fiat 600  
? Simca Ariane
? Simca Oceane Coupe
? Volkswagen Beetle

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