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PIC-K    RepLicars

R&L stands for Rosenhain and Lipmann of Melbourne, Australia. The models listed here were issued in 1966 under the 'Open Road' name and used as cereal gifts in Australia, but have also been available in Sweden (in the 'Kalaspuffar' cereal box), Japan, France and the US. R&L also had a plant in England, it is likely the RepLicars (notice spelling) originated there, since these are all R&L models too. Some R&L products have been available under the Aurora brand as 'Snap-A-Roos' in 1975, these sets normally contained four vehicles. R&L went out of business around 1977 and the moulds went to Mexico. While the Australian releases were only available in basic colors like green, blue, red, orange and yellow the Mexicans re-released these models in the wildest colors (metallic green, purple and chromed models are known) in playsets under the 'Diko-Rama' name. The Mexican castings suffer a bit from mould wear.

R&L made several series of models, the 'Open Road' series is the most interesting because the models are close to 1/87:

Chrysler Valiant AP6 1/82
Ford Falcon XP 1/82
Jaguar E-type convertible 1/87
Towtruck ?
Trailer with speedboat ?
Trailer with fishing boat ?
Horse float with horse ?
Box trailer with waterskier ?
Caravan ?
Roof rack and surfer ?

There have also been models in other series that are interesting, several models from the 'Harbour' and 'Airport' series are close to 1/87 and so are the models in the 'Oldtimers' series.

Part of a 1967 Swedish Kellog's ad with R&L models

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